Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace - Tips and FAQs

  • Since Hampton Court Palace is a popular tourist destination, it is advisable to visit as early as 9:00 AM to avoid the afternoon crowds. 
  • The best way to get your hands on tickets and avoid long queues is to book online. The Palace has a winter offer for half-price tickets from 07 January-14 February 2020 when you book online. 
  • If you want to enjoy your time getting to know the layout of the palace, familiarize yourself with the gardens, and relish the eerie silence inside, the self-guided audio tours are perfect for you. 
  • Parking can be competitive and a hassle for car owners especially during the busy season, so it is best to park at a nearby location like Hampton Court Green or simply to take the bus to Hampton. 
  • A ticket to Hampton Palace includes access to many of its different zones, rooms, and gardens such as the haunted gallery, Great Hall, State Apartments, Court Gardens, Maze, William III’s Apartments, the Galleries, and the Magic Garden. 
  • Stay on the ground to witness one of the many historical reenactments that take place to bring visitors ever closer to the vast history of the land. 
  • Visitors can buy Hampton Court Tickets in person at the gate which is located right by the car park. For tickets bought from third-party vendors, you are required to present the voucher at the ticket office. 
  • Your ticket is all you need to access the wonderful activities available at Hampton Court such as Garden History tours, family trails, children trails, and more. 
  • Hampton Court caters to all visitors and they offer British Sign Language tours, escorted visits, sensory experiences for people living with dementia, and proper measures of accessibility for disabled visitors. 
  • There are open-air/indoor restaurants and cafes on-site such as Tiltyard Café, Privy Kitchen Café, Fountain Court Café, where you can enjoy anything from salads, sandwiches, and lunches to cake and coffee.


Q. What is the Hampton Court famous for?
A. Hampton Court is famous as the home of Henry VIII and a palace that pays homage to the Tudor dynasty.

Q. How much is the entrance fee to Hampton Court?
A. Hampton Court fee are as follows:

From 7 January-14 February 2020 (online booking)

Adults: £10.65 and children: £5.35.

Ticket prices are subject to change after 15th February. Gate rates are different from online ticket prices.

Q. Are the gardens at Hampton Court free?
A. Access to Hampton Court Gardens is included in the palace tickets.

Q. Is the Hampton Court maze free to enter?
A. Hampton Court Maze is free with the palace tickets, but you can even purchase standalone tickets for the maze.

Q. Is the Hampton Court Palace within the Oyster Zone?
A. Yes, Hampton Court Palace lies within the Oyster Zone 6.

Q. When is the Hampton Court Flower Show held?
A. The Flower Show will be held from 7-12 July 2020 and it is the largest flower show in the world. The show has gardening inspiration, flowers in full bloom displayed magnificently, markets selling gardening tools, Festival of Roses, and so much more.

Q. How far is Hampton Court from Windsor Castle?
A. The two palaces lie 40-minutes apart by car, 14 miles by road. Visitors can take the official Windsor Castle to Hampton Court Palace shuttle that can be pre-booked.

Q. Can I get to Hampton Court by boat?
A. Yes, there is a public riverboat service that runs in the summer from Westminster, Richmond-upon-Thames, and Kingston. If you have a private boat, you can dock it at Privy Garden and Kingston Bridge.

Q. Can you stay in Hampton Court Palace?
A. Although it is not possible to stay inside the palace, visitors can stay at The Georgian House which served as the Kitchens for George.

Q. Is Hampton Court Palace worth visiting?
A. For history buffs, for visitors and lovers of horticulture, for travelers with a discerning sense of place and time, yes, Hampton Court Palace is a worth a visit, where else will you find access to the lives and times of a 500-year old dynasty?

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