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Wild adventures await at ZSL London Zoo. Embark on a journey through the world's oldest scientific zoo. Family-friendly and perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. Discover your ticket options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any zoos in London?

London has many zoos and aquariums where you can easily spend 4-8 hours of your day during your visit to the city.

Which is the most famous zoo in London?

ZSL London Zoo and Sea Life London Aquarium are the most famous aquariums and zoos in London.

How much time should I spend in a zoo in London?

If you’re planning to visit a zoo in London, be ready to spare 4-5 hours of your day there. There are many activities and events you can participate in that will keep you entertained.

Are zoos in London kids-friendly?

Yes, all zoos in London are kids-friendly. In fact, Battersea Park Children’s Zoo has many interactive activities dedicated for kids.

Are zoos in London wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all zoos in London are wheelchair accessible. There might be some parts of the zoo that might not be accessible, but the staff will guide you throughout.

Which is the best zoo in London?

ZSL London Zoo, Sea Life London Aquarium, Hanwell Zoo and Chessington Zoo are the best zoos in London.

Do zoos in London have events/exhibitions?

All the zoos in London have events/exhibitions where you can learn about the animals, their daily life and even feed the animals.

Can you use public transport to visit a zoo in London?

Zoos in London are easily accessible through public transport like bus, train, cab and metro. Decide where you want to go and find the right mode of commute for you.

Are there aquariums in London?

Yes, there are many aquariums in London that feature some of the best sea animals like sharks, penguins, dolphins and octopuses.

Where can I buy entry tickets for zoos in London?

If you’re planning to visit a zoo in London, it’s best to buy it online and skip the line.

Which is the best aquarium in London?

Sea Life London Aquarium is the best aquarium in London.

What kind of animals can you find in London zoos and aquariums?

You can find all kinds of wild animals, including endangered species and common fauna in London zoos and aquariums.

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