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Your Guide to London Food Tours 2020

There is more to London than just museums, palaces, cathedrals, and other attractions. As a melting pot of cultures, London is highly famous for its gastronomy. Wherever you go in the city, you are bound to find cuisines from all over the world — be it French, Indian, Cantonese, Turkish, or Argentinian. 

The food culture is also such that one can find some delicious fare within their budget, be it in cafes, pubs, restaurants, tea rooms, diners, or even Michelin-ranked restaurants. So when in the city, don’t forget to give your taste buds a tour of their own with food tours in London.

Why Take a London Food Tour

london food tours

Immerse yourself in the culture

A food tour helps you learn about the historic and cultural traditions of the city. You will also learn how food from other countries influences London’s gastronomic culture. For example, the famous chicken tikka masala from India is the so-called “National Dish of the UK”. How did this come to be? Learn all about this on a food tour.

food tours in london

Try an array of new cuisines

Apart from a traditional English brekkie and indulging in a pint or two, you will also get to try dishes from around the world right in the heart of England. There are particular themed food tours that let you try food from a specific country right here in London. You will also learn how certain foods are made and eaten, along with the history behind it.

Walking food tours in London

See London from a different perspective

While your tour guide will give you insight into the city, you will also learn a lot from the vendors of the eateries you visit. Apart from that, you will also get to see parts of London that you would not have seen in a regular tour and find places that you wouldn’t have ventured to by yourself.

Best London Food Tours

Here are some popular food tours in London:

london gin tour

Gin tasting tour

Despite not originating from this city, gin is a national favourite. In the 1700s-1800s, London was so obsessed with gin that it was referred to as the ‘opium of the people’. Learn about London’s love affair with this spirit as you sip on it in a gin tasting tour.

london pub crawl

Historical pub tour

Here’s a fun way to discover London — visit the oldest and most historic pubs in the city and enjoy a drink while you learn about the history of this magnificent city. This pub crawl will also give you insight into the famous pub culture of London.

brewery tour london

Craft beer tasting tour

Craft beers differ from regular beers as they are made using specific ingredients in small batches for a particular flavour palate. The craft beer culture has been booming in recent years in London, and this is a chance for you to experience it yourself.

best london food tours

Cheese experience

This London food tour is unique because you get to try different varieties of a very popular food item  — cheese. As part of this tour, you get to try a variety of cheeses from around the country and the world, along with cheese-based dishes like cheese toasties.

Top Things to Try on a London Food Tour

Here are some dishes and food experiences that one should indulge in when taking a walking food tour in London:

london fish and chips

Fish & Chips

Consisting of fried fish served alongside fries, this is a dish that England is known for around the world. Serving as comfort food to the locals, it is somewhat of a novelty for visitors.

london afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea

A quintessentially British experience, this involves an afternoon of delicious sandwiches, finger foods, pastries, chocolates, desserts, and tea (or coffee, depending on your preference).

london gin tour

Gin Tasting

Gin is a popular spirit that was so loved that at one point in time, wages were paid in gin. Sample this drink for yourself and find out why it is preferred and loved by Londoners.

English Breakfast in london

English Breakfast

A fairly heavy breakfast, you will be served bacon, sausages, eggs, black pudding, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast, along with tea or coffee. You can also find vegetarian or vegan options.

british cheese london

British Cheese

The British enjoy cheese, the most popular being cheddar cheese. Try a cheese board that includes cheese from around the country such as Bath Blue from England, Perl Las from Wales, Dunsyre Blue from Scotland, and others.

london beer tasting

Beer Tasting

Discover the work that goes into making delicious beer. Be it through London pub crawls, or visiting breweries and microbreweries, you can try different kinds of beer in the city.

Your London Food Tour Experience

Food is a vital part of cultural identity. To partake in a particular food is to appreciate and enjoy the culture. It is best to take a walking food tour in London to understand and discover the city. 

Choose your preferred date

When booking your London food tour, you will have to pick the date when you want to take the tour. On the date selected, you have to come to the meeting point as mentioned on your ticket and meet your guide. Please note that this is usually a walking food tour experience.

Eat your way through London

While you enjoy the delicious fare, you can also interact with the people who live, breathe, and create food; who will give you a look into the history of the food and how it came to be in London.

Tips for Food Tours in London

  • Book your tour ahead of time to ensure you get your preferred date and time slot. Booking your tickets online can get you good deals and offers on prices. 
  • If you’re taking a pub or beer/gin tasting tour, ensure you carry along a valid ID to prove you are over 18 years old.
  • London food tours typically involve a fair bit of walking, so ensure you wear comfortable shoes.
  • It is generally polite to tip the waitstaff at any eatery you go to. If taking a guided tour, it is good to tip your guide for an excellent service.
  • Some popular areas in London that are a foodie’s paradise are Soho, Brixton, Camden, and Islington.

All Your Questions About London Food Tours Answered

Should I book the London food tour of my choice in advance?

Yes, as it will ensure you can get the date and time slot of your preference, along with better prices.

What is the best food tour in London?

Some of the best walking tours in London are the ones that involve either a pub crawl or one that involves trying a lot of varieties of food, like a cheese experience. These are interactive, fun, and always leave you with a good story to tell back home!

How early should I come for the London food tour?

It is advised that visitors reach the meeting point at least ten minutes before the tour starts.

Which food tour in London is best for those on a budget?

Pub tours and Cheese experience is typically easy on the pocket, usually costing under £30.

How long does a food tour in London last?

A London food tour typically takes between 2-3 hours.

Are there any discounts on London food tours?

This depends solely on the tour. Drinking tours do not offer discounts, as they are only open to adults. However food tours typically offer discounts on children's tickets.

Which experiences are best for food tours in London?

The best experiences for food tours are ones which involve local delicacies like cheese, or involve sampling drinks, like gin and beer tasting.

What is the best food tour in London for families?

The best food tour in London for families is the Cheese Experience, as not only does it involve sampling of cheeses and eating cheese-based foods, it also involves an interactive quiz, making it fun for the entire family!

What are the best London food tours for couples?

The best London food tours for couples are ones that involve sampling gin or beer, or ones that involve exploring a particular area known for its gastronomic culture, like Soho.

What happens if I don't turn up for my food tour in London?

Should you miss your food tour, you will not be able to get a refund — full or otherwise. However, do check the cancellation policy while booking your tickets, as some tours offer a full refund if you cancel up to 24 hours in advance.

What's the best food tour in London for a group?

One of the best food tours in London for a group involves cheese, cheese, and more cheese! A cheese experience involves trivia, samples of delicious and creamy cheese, and a fun quiz, which enriches the experience!