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Home to a number of world-famous attractions like the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, London is usually every tourist’s first stop while exploring the historically pivotal country in Europe. London has always been up there on every traveler’s bucket list as a must-visit destination, and it is easy to see why. London offers a simultaneous lens into the past and the future through its experiences - it is the same city that invites you to whizz through the ArcelorMittal Orbit, gazing at the city’s breathtaking panoramic views, while also holding you in awe in a quiet moment of solitude at the Kew Botanical Gardens.

However, there’s more to the royal capital of England than meets the eye - especially of late. With new tourist attractions springing up in the last couple of years, visitors have been flocking to the Big Smoke like never before to get a taste of London’s new offerings.

Top 11 New Attractions in London

New Attractions in London - The Gunpowder Plot: The Immersive Experience
New Attractions in London - Cutty Sark Rig Climb
New Attractions in London - Unboxed 2022
New Attractions in London - ABBA Voyage
New Attractions in London - Arkham Asylum
New Attractions in London - The Tomb Raider Live Experience
New Attractions in London - Monopoly Lifesized
New Attractions in London - Babylon Park Camden
New Attractions in London - My Neighbour Totoro
New Attractions in London - Guinness at Old Brewer’s Yard
New Attractions in London - Saw: The Experience

Know Before You Visit the New Attractions in London

Travel Essentials
What to Wear in London?
What to Pack to London?
New Attractions in London - Travel Essentials
New Attractions in London - What to Wear in London?
  • Depending on the season, it is important to carry outerwear such as jackets, overcoats, cardigans, sweaters, shrugs, and the like. The colder season demands more layering since sub-zero temperatures are possible.
  • For warmer weather, keep it simple with t-shirts, pants or jeans, and a light cardigan. Button-downs and blouses are great as well, but remember to choose lightweight fabrics as getting caught in the rain (which happens quite often in London) with a polyester t-shirt on can be quite unpleasant. 
  • As for footwear, carry boots such as Wellingtons, since they’re perfect when you’re out and about during the rains. 
  • In terms of accessories, carry gloves, scarves, hats - anything that you can throw on and off while you’re sightseeing in London.
New Attractions in London - What to Pack to London?
  • Accessories to aid you during rains, like raincoats, umbrellas, and the like
  • A water bottle you can refill at any water fountain in the city
  • Thermal clothing you can wear under your clothes for extra warmth
  • A cross-body bag to carry all your travelling essentials in
  • Comfortable flats
New Attractions in London - Transport

By Tube: Since London is popular for the London Underground, colloquially referred to as the Tube, it is only logical that it would be the most popular means of transport around the city - even for tourists. With the help of a (visitor) Oyster card, you can explore all nine zones of the Tube, spread out throughout the city. You can opt for the pay-as-you-go option on your Oyster card, and then top it up whenever required. Tube map

By Bus: If you’re interested in sightseeing while on the go, you may find the bus to be your preferred mode of transportation throughout the city. Also paid for with the Oyster card, the bus fare for a single ticket is virtually the same as that for the Tube. Bus map

By Bicycle: If you’d like a more hands-on experience in traveling around London, then you can hire one of the many Santander cycles located at docking stations scattered throughout the city. The cost to do so is slightly higher than taking the bus or the tube, however, with 30 minutes on the bicycle racking the fare up to £1.65. Bicycle map

New Attractions in London - Stay

Looking for a hotel in London that hits the sweet spot with your budget but offers you the most luxurious stay while you're there? Look no further than the best hotels in London below, categorically listed according to the price range.

Budget Hotels: The Tower Hotel, Travelodge London Central City Road, ibis London City - Shoreditch, The Crown London Hotel

Mid-Range Hotels: DoubleTree by Hilton London - Tower of London, Hard Rock Hotel London, Park Plaza London Riverbank, Novotel London West

Luxury Hotels: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, Shangri-La The Shard, The Savoy London

New Attractions in London - Food

A trip to this fascinating city is incomplete without indulging in some everyday fare that captures the spirit of British culture perfectly. From traditional English food to inspired and/or borrowed cuisine from the rest of the world, London has everything to offer - and more!

Fish and Chips: A positive delight for fans of anything deep-fried, this very British combination of filleted fish dipped in batter and french fries on the side has become almost synonymous with London in the past couple of decades. The resounding crunch of the fish and chips is almost always paired with some tartar sauce or coleslaw on the side. 

Chicken Tikka Masala: Funnily enough, this Indian dish is considered one of the national foods of Britain and is now an indispensable part of the usual British diet. Chunks of chicken are marinated in yogurt and other spices and roasted, after which they’re prepared in a thick and spicy gravy. It is often served with various Indian loaves of bread, such as naan. 

Sticky Toffee Pudding: Perfect for everyone with a massive sweet tooth, this sponge cake made with richly flavorful dates and topped with toffee sauce is the perfect end to a British meal. Often served with custard or ice cream to offset the sweetness of the syrup-soaked cake, sticky toffee pudding has rich undertones of caramel with every delicious bite.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Attractions in London

Which are some of the new attractions in London?

There are several new attractions in London for tourists to enjoy, including Unboxed 2022, Arkham Asylum, the Tomb Raider Interactive Experience, and Monopoly Lifesized.

Which are some of the best new attractions in London for kids?

Many of the new attractions in London are catered specifically for a younger audience, including Babylon Park Camden, My Neighbor Totoro, and Monopoly Lifesized.

Which are some of the best attractions in London for adventure seekers?

Adventure seekers are going to have a ball with the new attractions in London, with the Cutty Sark Rig Climb and Tomb Raider Interactive Experience being the best attractions in London for adventure seekers.

Which are a few must-see new attractions in London?

A few of the must-see new attractions in London you cannot miss out on are ABBA Voyage, Guinness at Old Brewer’s Yard, and Saw: The Experience.

Which new attractions in London offer the best views?

New attractions in London that are bound to offer you the best views are the Cutty Sark Rig Climb, offering you a view of the city from the famous ship’s topmost platform, and the Green Space Dark Skies event from Unboxed 2022.

How to get to the new attractions in London?

It is possible to head to the new attractions in London by taking the tube (the first and second zone are said to have the most tourist attractions), or the bus if you want to indulge in sightseeing on the way to your destination.

Which are some of the new indoor attractions in London?

There are many new indoor attractions in London, including multiple immersive experiences like Saw: The Experience, Tomb Raider Interactive Experience, Arkham Asylum, and The Gunpowder Plot.

Which are some of the new attractions in London to enjoy outdoors?

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can indulge in some of the new attractions in London outdoors like the Cutty Sark Rig Climb, and various events on Unboxed 2022.

When is the best time to visit the new attractions in London?

To visit the new attractions in London, you’ll find the perfect time of the year to be the summer of May, all the way till September. However, if you’re excited about London’s chilly yet breathtaking winter, you can head there anytime between October and December to enjoy fewer crowds of tourists. Springtime in the months of March and April offers you the parks and gardens in London in full bloom.

How hot is London?

London is not hot at all - it has a pretty mild climate at all times of the year, so temperatures are never higher than 21 to 23 degrees in the summer.

How cold is London?

London can get pretty cold during the winter, with temperatures dropping to zero degrees (and below, on rare occasions), so it is important for tourists to bundle up!

Is London expensive to visit?

London remains, to date, one of the most expensive cities in the world for tourists and residents alike. You can definitely save up some money by booking your flight tickets at least half a year in advance, while also getting the London Pass that gives you access to almost all attractions in London. Also, don’t forget to get the Oyster card to save up on travel costs!

How safe is London?

While London is a relatively safe city as compared to other popular tourist destinations, it is still important to exercise caution and proceed carefully, since pickpockets and petty thievery are pretty common.

Is London Cashless?

London is on its way to becoming a cashless economy almost entirely, with only a small number of everyday payments being made with cash. The transport system is entirely cashless, but it is still wise to carry cash if you’re planning to stop by smaller eateries and food markets.