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Cutty Sark | The fastest sailing ship of its time

Embark on a captivating journey aboard the Cutty Sark, a legendary ship that once claimed the title of the world's fastest. From its vibrant past in the China tea trade to its role in the Australian wool trade, Cutty Sark has witnessed a multitude of adventures. Today, this maritime treasure rests in London for you to explore the rich tapestry of life on board one of history's most remarkable vessels.

Things to know before booking your tickets to Cutty Sark

  • Plan for a day-out: It is located in a scenic spot in Greenwich, offering picturesque views of the Thames River and easy access to other attractions.
  • Accessibility constraints: Certain parts of the experience may not be accessible for people with reduced mobility. Please refer to your tickets for additional information. 

Why visit Cutty Sark?

  • Trading vessel: Cutty Sark, the last tea clipper to be built, was exclusively used for the China tea trade. The ship was used for Australian wool trade, and eventually as a training vessel. 
  • World Heritage site: Cutty Sark played a crucial role in Britain’s maritime history. The ship is a UNESCO Maritime World Heritage Site and is an extremely important part of British naval history. 
  • Record-breaking passages: Cutty Sark has visited every major port in the world during her lifetime. The ship is known for its speed and record-breaking passages. 
  • Architectural marvel: Cutty Sark is a living testimony to Britain’s shipbuilding prowess. The ship’s sleek lines, tall mast, and gleaming copper hull are as marvelous as the ship’s intriguing history. 
  • Largest collection of figureheads: Cutty Sark has the largest collection of figureheads in the world. From kings and queens to mythical creatures, the ship's figurehead collection is a must-see. 

Which Cutty Sark ticket is best for you?

If you are a history buff

Go for: Guided tours

Duration: 1-2 hours

Hull and ‘Tween Deck Access: Yes

Guide: Audio guide and Professional tour guide

  • Follow your professional tour guide as they take you to different parts of Cutty Sark and share interesting snippets about its dramatic history and record-breaking passages. 
  • Download the interactive English audio guide and take a self-guided tour of Cutty Sark. 

Recommended tours

If you are a solo traveler

Go for: Guided tours

Duration: 1-2 hours

Hull and ‘Tween Deck Access: Yes

Guide: Professional tour guide and audio guide 

  • Download the interactive English audio guide to learn about the history and different journeys of Cutty Sark. 
  • Explore the different exhibits at your own pace, with an audio guide throughout your visit. 

Recommended tours

If you are on a budget

Go for: Entry tickets

Duration: 1-2 hours

Hull and ‘Tween Deck Access: Yes

Guide: Audio guide and Professional tour guide

  • Get access to Cutty Sark, and explore all its fascinating and interactive exhibits. 
  • Entry tickets are easy on the pocket, and great value for money. 

Recommended tours

Cancellation policy

Cutty Sark entrance tickets cannot be canceled or rescheduled. 

Explore Cutty Sark

Ship’s Hull
‘Tween Deck
Cutty Sark's Hull

The gleaming copper hull of Cutty Sark has been designed for speed. You can walk and even enjoy afternoon tea below the magnificent hull of the ship when you visit Cutty Sark. Your entry tickets give you access to the ship’s hull. 

Bustling with crew members and non-stop chatter, the ‘Tween Deck of Cutty Sark was the most lively place when the ship was sailing. Today, you can enjoy interactive exhibits on the deck that give you a wonderful insight into the lifestyle and cargo-laden past of Cutty Sark. Your entry tickets include access to the ship’s ‘tween deck. 

What to see at Cutty Sark?

Captain’s Cabin

If you love seeing historical artifacts, then you must visit the Captain’s Cabin on the Cutty Sark. Not only does the cabin let you be the Captain of Cutty Sark for a day, but it is also sprinkled with personal artifacts, navigational instruments, and old-school charm. 

Cutty Sark Crew’s Quarters

Crew’s Quarters

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of the sailors aboard the Cutty Sark, in the ship’s humble Crew Quarters. Echoing the camaraderie and struggles of the people who kept Cutty Sark sailing smoothly, the Crew’s Quarters are a must-visit. 

Cutty Sark Figurehead Collection

Figurehead Collection

Cutty Sark has the world’s largest collection of figureheads. Be it kings, queens, or mythical creatures, each of the figureheads in the ship’s collection has a story to tell. 

Climb the Ship’s Masts

Climb the tall masts of Cutty Sark, and take in the stunning views of London and the River Thames from the top of the masts. The thrilling climb up Cutty Sark’s masts promises you an adrenaline rush like no other!

Plan your visit to Cutty Sark


Cutty Sark is open every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The last entry to the sip is at 4:15 PM. 

Best time to visit: To avoid crowds, plan your visit to Cutty Sark either in the morning or during the late afternoon. Cutty Sark is an indoor attraction, so you can visit it all year round. However, avoid visiting Cutty Sark during the peak summer tourist season. 

Address: King William Walk, London SE10 9HT, London - United Kingdom. Find on maps.

Getting there:

  • By bus: 177, 180, 188, 199, 286, 386, N1

      Nearest stops: Greenwich Town Centre/Cutty Sark and Greenwich Church Street

  • By train: Southeastern Rail Services

      Nearest stop: Greenwich Station

  • By underground: Docklands Light Railways

      Nearest stop: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich DLR station 

  • By boat: Thames Clippers

      Nearest stop: Greenwich Pier

Cutty Sark has a single entrance that is located near the center of Greenwich in South-East London. 

  • Toilets
  • Baby change facilities
  • Buggy parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Lost property assistance
  • Dementia and autism-friendly
  • Hearing loops
  • Audioguide
  • Large print and Braille guides
  • All exhibits have Braille and embossed labels
  • Visitor assistants are trained in British sign language

  • Since you’ll be walking a lot, we recommend wearing comfortable footwear. 
  • There are no cloakrooms available at Cutty Sark. 
  • Purchase your Cutty Sark tickets online and in advance to help save time and money. 
  • Check the schedule for special events and exhibitions that may be happening during your visit to Cutty Sark. 
  • Explore the interactive displays, engage in hands-on activities, and take your time learning about the exhibits. 
  • Combine your visit to Cutty Sark with other nearby attractions such as Greenwich Park and the National Maritime Museum for a wholesome experience. 
  • For a crowd-free and comfortable experience, plan your visit to Cutty Sark on weekdays. 
  • Buggy parking is available in the dry dock of Cutty Sark.
  • Guide dogs are allowed onboard Cutty Sark. 
  • Bill’s Restaurant: Located only a short walk away from Cutty Sark, Bill’s Restaurant has a plethora of delicious British dishes that you can choose from. 
  • Hullabaloo: Hullabaloo is a wonderful Indian restaurant that serves delicious Indian cuisine. From traditional Indian dishes to fusion dishes, Hullabaloo is a great dining option. 
  • The Old Brewery: Top off your visit to Cutty Sark with a visit to The Old Brewery, a traditional English pub. The restaurant serves modern British cuisine and offers a wide range of beers and wines. 
  • The Gipsy Moth: Craving delicious seafood? Then stop at The Gipsy Moth, a popular restaurant serving fresh seafood and delicious cocktails and wines.
  • Turnips: Serving aromatic stews and fresh salads, Turnips is a vegetarian restaurant that gives a modern and delicious twist to plant-based cuisine. 

  • Greenwich Park: Greenwich Park is located only 550m away from Cutty Sark. The beautiful park offers unbeatable views of the London skyline. 
  • Cutty Sark Gardens: Just adjacent to the famous Cutty Sark, you can spend some time strolling in the beautiful Cutty Sark Gardens which are located near the riverside. 
  • The Old Royal Naval College: Located 37m from Cutty Sark, the Old Royal Naval College is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is worth seeing. 
  • National Maritime Museum: Located 450 m from Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum gives you an interesting insight into the naval history and heritage of Britain. 
  • Queen’s House: 600 m away from Cutty Sark is Queen’s House, the first classical building in the UK. Known for its exceptional art collection, the Queen’s House is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. 

Beyond Cutty Sark

Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is home to the Prime Meridian,-the most famous longitude in the world! Explore other exhibits such as the Great Equatorial Telescope and the Harrison Clocks at the Observatory. 

Frequently asked questions about Cutty Sark tickets

How much is a ticket to Cutty Sark?

A standard entry ticket to Cutty Sark will cost you around £18.

How to book tickets to Cutty Sark?

You can purchase Cutty Sark tickets online or at the attraction itself. Booking Cutty Sark tickets online can provide significant time and cost savings for you. 

Why should I book Cutty Sark tickets online?
  • Convenient and cheap: Online tickets are cheaper to buy and can easily be bought from the comfort of your home or when you are on the go. 
  • Multiple options: Be it guided tours, combo tickets, or standard entry tickets,- you can choose the tickets that work best for you, when you buy your tickets online. 
  • Discounts and offers: You will find many discounts, deals, and offers on different ticket options online. These offers may not be available if you purchase tickets at the attraction itself. 
  • Guaranteed entry: Since online tickets are usually booked well in advance, you will get guaranteed entry to the attraction on the day of your visit. Walk-in tickets may not be available for purchase if the attraction is too crowded during certain times.
What do Cutty Sark tickets include?

Cutty Sark tickets include access to all the different areas and exhibits on the ship.

How do I access the Hull and ‘Tween Deck?

Your entry tickets for Cutty Sark include access to the Hull and the ‘Tween Deck of the ship. 

Do Cutty Sark tickets include entry to other attractions?

Your Cutty Sark tickets only include entry to the ship. To visit other attractions, you will have to buy separate tickets.

What is the cancellation policy for Cutty Sark tickets?

Cutty Sark entrance tickets cannot be canceled or rescheduled for a later date.

How long does it take to complete a Cutty Sark tour?

A complete Cutty Sark tour will take you around 1-2 hours.