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Visiting Dover Castle in London | Book Dover Castle Tickets

Home to famous sights, history, nightlife, food, museums, and much more; London gives plenty of reasons for paying it a visit. Famous for attractions like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Dover Castle, and many more places, it has something for everyone. Among all these places, Dover Castle attracts thousands of tourists every day due to its history and uniqueness. 

Built during the reign of Henry II way back in the 12th century, the Dover Castle stands on Kent’s iconic White Cliffs. Step into the grandeur of the medieval Castle, explore the Great Tower, War Time Secret Tunnels, Underground Hospital, Roman lighthouse, and much more!

You can explore the castle, all you need is Dover Castle tickets that will lead your way to this marvel of England. Keep scrolling to find out more about tickets, timings, how to reach and plan your hassle-free visit.

Why Visit Dover Castle?

Dover Castle Tickets
  • Built in the 11th century by Henry II, Dover Castle is set on 80 acres of grounds. 
  • Dover Castle is described as the "Key to England" due to its history and significance. 
  • This Iron age Hillfort houses the only remaining lighthouse in England built by Romans - “Roman Pharos”. The lighthouse is one of the only three surviving Roman-era lighthouses in the world. 
  • Go through the Secret Wartime Tunnels beneath the Dover castle and witness ‘the miracle of Dunkirk’. 
  • Hear the stories of injured soldiers and fighter pilots at the Underground Hospital.
  • Experience the history through the vibrant color and rich furnishings and walls of the Great Tower.
  • Roam around the Port War Signaling Station and try hands-on Morse Code.

Your Dover Castle Tickets Explained

Dover Castle Tickets

What is the Best Way To Book Dover Castle Tickets? Book Online

As Dover Castle attracts a large number of guests, it is suggested that you plan your visit well in advance to avoid the tiresome queues. Book your tickets before your visit to the castle and get lost in the medieval wonders of London.

  • Convenience: Overwhelm your inner architecture aficionado and escape the unnecessary long lines and ticket procedures, as the fast-track tickets let you whizz past the queues.
  • Advance Reservations: With instant online bookings, you can secure your trip in advance by booking your tickets beforehand, and visit the attraction at ease.
  • Great Discounts: Experience the fascinating interiors at Dover Castle at equally fascinating prices, as online booking gives you incredible discounts!

Dover Castle Highlights

Dover Castle Tickets

Secret Wartime Tunnels

Take a stroll through the famous Dover Castle’s Secret Wartime Tunnels that were used to rescue the British Army from the beaches of Dunkirk. Take a visual tour of the Tunnels that make the whole experience real. Witness the “miracle of Dunkirk” with dramatic projections and real film footage.

Dover Castle Tickets

Underground Hospital

Go through the Underground Hospital to experience the atmosphere of a World War II hospital. Hear the stories of action and how injured fighter pilots were treated during the war times. Pass through the ‘Recreated Rooms’ to experience the sounds, smells, and atmosphere of the operating theater, wards, and corridors.

Dover Castle Tickets

Roman Great Tower

Step into the Great Tower that once belonged to Henry II, which is one of the Roman-built remaining lighthouses in England. Explore the tower and go through the most vibrant color and rich furnishings castle of England. Admire the spectacular and magnificent views of the English Channel from the roof of the Great Tower.

Dover Castle Tickets

Port War Signal Station

Discover the World War II stories, and experience one of the only 6 British 3-inch guns in the world. Feel how it feels to live and work in the Fire Command Post. Enjoy panoramic Straits of Dover views, try hands-on Morse code, and learn how to spot enemy ships.

Dover Castle Tickets

Celebrate Halloween Half Term

A perfect day out for the family, celebrate Halloween at Dover Castle with legends and monsters of English folklore. Hear the tales of ghostly goings from a ghoulish guide at Dover Castle. Become a monster hunter, follow Dennis and Gnasher, and meet the comedy castle rat who will sing songs and tell interesting stories.

Dover Castle Tickets

Ghost Tour

An interesting tour for kids as well as for adults is a Ghost Tour at Dover Castle. Explore the castle on a ghost tour, while listening to the tales of ghosts, supernatural sightings, and horror stories from history. Visit the extensive grounds with a guide who will make the whole experience more amazing.

Plan Your Visit To Dover Castle

Getting There
Visitor Tips
Dover Castle Tickets
  • Timings: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM. 
  • Last Entry: The last admission to Dover Castle is one hour before closing time. 
  • Closed on: The Dover Castle remains closed on the first two days of the half-term holidays. Check the official calendar to know more about the closing dates of Dover Castle.
  • Best Time To Visit: The Dover Castle tickets London remains fully booked during weekends, we recommend you to book the tickets for weekdays. Also, spend at least 2 hours at the Castle to explore history. You can plan a visit during morning hours when the crowd is less and you can have a hassle-free experience.
Dover Castle Tickets

Address: Castle Hill Road, Dover CT16 1HU, UK

Find on Map.

  • By Train: By South Eastern Main Line
    Nearest Stop: Dover Priory
  • By Bus: Line 81 Bus
    Nearest Stop: Dover Station (Direct bus every 10 minutes from Dover station to Dover Castle)
  • By Car: Distance From Airport: London Heathrow Airport (LHR) - 152 km (1 hour 45 minutes drive)
Dover Castle Tickets
  • Entry is free entry for children of 6 years of age accompanied by an adult. 
  • We recommend you spend at least half a day at the castle to explore it peacefully. 
  • You might need to go through the security check such as body scans with a hand-held detector and bag check. 
  • We recommend you to pre-book Dover Castle tickets in London to avoid the inconvenience of waiting in lines.  
  • Dogs on a chain or leads are welcome in the attraction. 
  • Free parking is available for visitors.
  • Washrooms for male, female and disabled people are available. Also, baby-changing facilities are available. 
  • The last entry time of the castle is 05.00 pm and the last admission is one hour before closing time.
Dover Castle Tickets
  • London Eye: It is the only attraction in London as it offers constantly changing 360-degree perspective views of central London. Admire the panoramic views of the river, buildings, and attractions from 404 feet above. The London Eye is known as the London Icon, which offers 3D aerial footage of London.
  • St. Paul's Cathedral: Known as one of London’s most famous landmarks, St. Paul's Cathedral is famous for featuring the iconic London skyline. The attraction has seen huge fires, wars, and struggles for power. The awe-inspiring interior, architecture, galleries, art, exhibitions, and history attract thousands of tourists to St. Paul's Cathedral.
  • Tower of London: This is one of the oldest buildings in London that attracts thousands of tourists every day. The tower is located at the heart of historic London and is home to the ‘Crown Jewels'. The Crown Jewels include crowns, robes, and other collections on display.
  • Fan Bay Deep Shelter: The attraction is an incredible time capsule hidden beneath the White Cliffs of Dover. The tunnels were constructed to support defensive gun batteries in 1940 - 41. Take a dramatic walk through the tunnel complex, and visit White Cliffs to explore the different and hidden eras and times.
Dover Castle Tickets
  • Hop into the land train that runs around the site to offer transportation between the key parts of the castle.
  • The best season to visit the castle is Winter due to the chilly weather. However, if you want to visit a place with less crowd, visit during weekdays. 
  • Getting hungry after a tiring day, step into the restaurants of Dover Castle. 
  • If you wish to enjoy a meal or snacks amidst the castle views, there is an outdoor seating facility available at Naafi restaurant. 
  • If you are reaching by car to Dover Castle, there is free on-site parking available for visitors. 
  • Plan a picnic with family with the spectacular views from the top of the 'White Cliffs'. 
  • Buy some heritage-inspired gifts for friends and family from the two shops available at Dover Castle. 
  • Male, female and disabled facilities are available on the different locations of Dover Castle grounds.  
  • Baby changing facilities are also available at the castle.

All Your Questions About Dover Castle Tickets Answered

Q. Where can I buy Dover Castle tickets?

A. Dover Castle tickets London are available online.

Q. Can I buy Dover Castle tickets online?

A. Yes, you can buy Dover Castle tickets online.

Q. What is the cost of Dover Castle tickets?

A. The cost of Dover Castle Tickets is £21.80. 

Q. Can I get a discount on Dover Castle tickets London?

A. Yes, you can book the Dover castle tickets online to get discounts and offers.

Q. What is Dover Castle?

A. Dover Castle is a hillfort in London, which was built during the realm for nine centuries. The Roman built Lighthouse, underground WWII hospitals, and secret wartime tunnels make it one of the most famous places to visit in London. 

Q. How can I get access to Dover Castle?

A. You can book Dover Castle tickets online or offline to get access to the castle. However, we recommend you book the tickets online to get a discount and avoid wasting time in long lines.

Q. Where is Dover Castle located?

A. The Dover Castle is located at Castle Hill Road, Dover CT16 1HU, UK. 

Q. What are some of the highlights of Dover Castle?

A. The exhibition in Secret Wartime Tunnels, Recreated Rooms, Underground Hospital, glorious Roman Great Tower, and Port War Signal Station are some highlights that attract visitors to Dover Castle. Also, Halloween Half Term and fun Ghost Tours are not to be missed at Dover Castle.

Q. How to reach Dover Castle?

A. You can reach Dover Castle by bus or train if you wish to reach there by public transportation. You can easily reach there by car. There is a free parking space available for the visitors.

Q. What are the timings of Dover Castle?

A. The opening houses of Dover Castle are from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM. The last entry in Dover Castle is one hour before the closing time.

Q. What facilities are available in Dover Castle?

A. Dover Castle offers facilities like free parking, washrooms, disabled facilities, baby changing facilities, wheelchairs accessible, restaurants, cafes, and shops for visitors.

Q. Is Dover Castle wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, Dover Castle is wheelchair accessible.

Q. Is photography allowed in Dover Castle?

A. Yes, photography is allowed with Dover Castle tickets London.

Q. Is it worth visiting Dover Castle?

A. Yes, Dover Castle is worth visiting due to its rich history and being one of the most famous sites and best-preserved castles in England. Experience the history through the church, lighthouse, secret wartime tunnels, and underground hospital.