All you need to know about the fireworks display at the London Eye on New Year's Eve 2024

The London Eye fireworks is an iconic and eagerly anticipated event that takes place annually on New Year's Eve. Marvel as the London Eye becomes the focal point for one of the most spectacular fireworks shows in the world as over 12,000 fireworks light up the London sky. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the enchanting fireworks display, triggered by the chiming of Big Ben, from several places in London. The entire event lasts for several minutes, but the memories created last a lifetime.

What to expect during the fireworks experience

  • A joyful New Year celebration: Since 2003, the London New Year's Eve fireworks display event has been expertly orchestrated by Jack Morton Worldwide, creating an annual experience to warmly welcome the arrival of the New Year.
  • Spectacular fireworks: Over 12,000 fireworks are launched in this display from the foot of the London Eye. It is synchronized and triggered by the chiming of Big Ben at midnight. 
  • Exciting countdown: The London Eye fireworks experience begins with a precisely orchestrated countdown, building anticipation among spectators gathered. The air is charged with excitement as the clock ticks down to the midnight spectacle.
  • Panoramic cityscape: While popular locations like the South Bank, Victoria Embankment, Westminster Bridge, and the Shard offer outstanding views, the entire cityscape becomes a canvas for the fireworks, making it a truly immersive citywide celebration.