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New Year’s Eve London 2022 | 10 Incredible Ways to Celebrate New year’s Eve in London

There's no place that comes alive quite like London does on New Year's Eve. The air is heady with joy and celebration and best believe that multiple different exciting events kick off simultaneously, leaving everybody spoilt for choice. We're talking, a marvelous Fireworks Show lighting up London's skyline to pubs and dance floors packed across the city. Other star attractions include river cruises along Thames to witness some of the iconic landmarks of the city, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, pulsating Comedy Clubs, Christmas Circuses and so much more. Welcoming 2022 will also be extra special given the hardships of the past couple years, so expect twice the fun this time around.

Why Celebrate 2021 New Year’s Eve in London?

New Year's Eve in a city as a vibrant, dynamic and exciting as London is bound to be an unforgettable experience. This metropolitan hub celebrates New Year's Eve in an extravagant way with magnificent fireworks, parties, river cruises and so much more. London lights up for the new year in the most delightful ways possible making it the perfect place to celebrate New Year's Eve in.

What's the Weather in London during New Year's Eve?

london new years eve

Highest Temp: 6°C to 7°C

Lowest Temp: 3°C to 4°C (can sometimes dip to -1°C to -2°C)

Chances of Rain: There are chances of moderate rainfall, about 1mm.

What to wear: Best to bring out winter attire and dress in multiple layers, with essentials like hats, gloves, boots and thick coats. Don't forget to carry a scarf, hat and umbrella for extra protection.

10 Best Things to Do in London on New Year's Eve

london new years eve

1. Go Partying at London’s Top Clubs

London on NYE is raging with a multitude of clubbing options, from partying through the decades at Southbank Centre's annual New Year's Eve Spectacular (don't forget to take a break to enjoy the glorious views of London pyrotechnics from the outdoors) to dancing in front of stunning views of the fireworks, cocktail in hand, at the New Year's Eve party at The Shard.

london new years eve

2. Watch the Iconic Fireworks Display

A true spectacle that locals and tourists alike wait to see on New Year's Eve is the London New Year's Eve fireworks display that lights up central London, year after year on the occasion. The fireworks go off all the way from Victoria Embankment to Westminster Bridge, and remains an absolute must-see and the most exciting way to celebrate NYE in London.

london new years eve

3. Go on a River Cruise on the Thames

Celebrating New Year's Eve in London on a magical cruise on the river Thames is another way to catch the NYE fireworks all while you enjoy live entertainment and ring in the new year. There are several city cruises to choose from, each sophisticated and as indulgent as the other - dinner cruises, speedboat rides, traditional boat trips with champagne and live music.

What to Expect: River cruise, live music, food and alcohol

london new years eve

4. Go Ice Skating

A magical winter experience also awaits you at London's popular winter ice skating rinks. It is recommended you enjoy an afternoon skate at any one of London's top ice-skating rinks, and with options like Somerset House to the Natural History Museum to Hampton Court Palace (there are at least 8 places in all), you are to find an ice rink close to you.

london new years eve

5. New Year’s Day Parade

Easily one of the most sought after things to do on New Year's Day is to start the new year off by attending the London New Year’s Day Parade. This stellar event witnesses around 10,000 performers from across the globe and colorful floats parade through central London, along the streets of London's West End.

What to Expect: Huge parade, live performances, street party

london new years eve
london new years eve
london new year's eve
london new year's eve

9. Head to Westminster Bridge

Connecting Westminster on the north to Lambeth on the south, Westminster Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in London. Atop this architectural marvel, you will witness some of the most picturesque views of London. On New Year's, head to Westminster Bridge to find a perfect spot to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks and ring in the new year with pomp and splendor!

london new year's eve

10. Celebrate at Searcys

Searcys is one London's most exclusive private members club. Situated at the top of the Gherkin’s iconic domed roof, Searcys is an indulgent way to spend your New Year's Eve in London. Choose from lavish meals that are accompanied with champagne and a range of delectable cocktails and get access to the top two floors and the private members lounge.

Plan Your New Year's Eve in London

Getting Around
Where to Eat
Where to Stay
london new years eve

Trains: Free travel on the TfL network is usually available, including the Tube, from 11.45pm on New Year's Eve until 4.30am on New Year's Day. Double check fares and timings a day before or on the day. TfL Rail Trains will run every 15 minutes (on the open section of the line) and continue through the night. Replacement buses will run between Chadwell Heath and Shenfield. The first and last trains services will be running on the weekday schedule.

Bus: Buses in London will be running but on a reduced Sunday service. Some day routes will continue through the night. Central London routes will be diverted. Arrival buses will not be operating at all on New Year’s Day. Stagecoach and Megabus buses will be running.

london new years eve

Brunch (Price for 2)

Kahani: from £32

Cherry On: from £20

Bermondsey Bar and Kitchen: from £25

Dinner (Price for 2)

Uno Restaurant: from £40

The Montague Kitchen: from £30

Joe Allen - Covent Garden: from £40

london new years eve

Prices mentioned are for 2 people

Sohostel: from £40
Travelodge: from £40

The Chilworth: from £122
The Stratford Hotel: from £140
The Hide London: from £110

The Milestone Hotel & Residences: from £400
The Beaumont: from £480
The Savoy: from £850

Tips for Celebrating New Year's Eve in London

  • London's temperamental weather can go from incessant rains to sunshine in no time, so it's only wise to carry an umbrella at all times. 
  • Pack wise for a New Year's Eve stay in London and do not forget to carry extra layers if you're heading out. It gets chilly by nightfall and not dressing for it may just dampen the spirits for good.
  • Applying and getting an Oyster Card at the airport or nearest station is a smart thing to do. It helps you give the long lines amiss when you're riding the subway.
  • Definitely use the Hop On Hop Off bus when travelling underground. It is the most economical way to explore London.
  • Avoid missing shows and events you have already scheduled or paid for by setting your phone clock or wristwatches to military time. London follows the 24-hour clock which means it's easy to mix up timings.
  • If your destination is close, always map and walk the way to avoid getting stuck in the crowds and traffic on London streets. 
  • Tipping is not the norm in London, especially because all restaurants add a service charge to your bill. However, it isn't rude to tip if you really wish to.
  • Do yourself a huge favor and book all attraction tickets and accommodation and travel tickets well in advance (and we mean well!). London is after all a hotspot year-end destination and you do not want to miss out on any experience whatsoever because of poor planning.

New Year's Eve Parties in London

Top New Year's Eve Experiences in London

Know More About Celebrating New Year's Eve in London

Where can I watch fireworks in London on New Year’s Eve?

You can enjoy the NYE fireworks on the streets of Central London all the way from Victoria Embankment to Westminster Bridge. If you don't secure a ticket for the same, you can also witness this spectacle from a cruise on river Thames or from restaurants and pubs or iconic buildings like The Shard. In case you can't step out, you can catch the screening on TV on BBC One.

What are the best things to do in London on New Year’s Eve?

There is no dearth of options when it comes to spending New Year's Eve in London but the best things to do to get the most of the day and night is to experience London's famed NYE fireworks, take an NYE Thames river cruise with views of fireworks, or dine at restaurants which offer amazing views of the fireworks, either rooftops or riversides. You can also hit New Year's Eve clubs and parties to spend the night having the best time of your lives or attend NYE shows and concerts.

What is the best way to travel around London on New Year’s Eve?

While trains and buses are free from 11:45 PM on New Year’s Eve through to 4:30 AM on New Year’s Day, they’ll likely be crowded. You can hire a taxi for a more comfortable journey but pay around 1.5 times of the normal rate.

Which is the best restaurant to go to on New Year’s Eve in London?

One of London's finest Michelin-star restaurant's Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay, is the best restaurant to go to on New Year's Eve in Central London.

How do I get to central London from Heathrow Airport on New Year’s Eve?

The best way to get to Central London from Heathrow Airport on New Year's Eve is by hailing a cab. Bear in mind that you will be paying 1.5 times the normal rate though!

Are there any restrictions on alcohol consumption in public places?

You can carry and consume alcohol in public places on New Year’s Eve but make sure you are not carrying them in glass bottles.

What are the best places for brunch on New Year's Eve in London?

Bermondsey Bar and Kitchen, Kahani, Cherry On are some of the best places for brunch in New Year's Eve.

What are the best places for dinner on New Year's Eve in London?

Uno Restaurant and the Montague Kitchen are some of the best places for dinner on New Year's Eve in London.

How do I get around London on New Year's Eve?

The subway and buses are the best way to get around London on New Year's Eve 2021.

What are the best parties in London on New Year's Eve 2021?

House Of Burlesque NYE Speakeasy, The Brixton Ball, Soul Serious 'All In White' NYE are some of the best parties in London on New Year's Eve 2021.