Your Complete Month on Month Guide for the Best Time to Visit London | Seasons, Things to do, Travel Tips

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The magical city of London is a bustling tourist destination all year round. Every month has something unique to offer travelers in London. Here's a complete guide to all you can do in London across each month. Pick your favorite time of the year and head to this iconic city!

What's the Best Time to Visit London?

For Different Types of Travellers
Tourist Seasons in London
best time to visit london

Best Months for Staying Outdoors: June - August

Best Months for Sightseeing & Museum Hopping: March - May, June- August

Best Months for Honeymooners: June - September

Best Months for Budget Travelers: October - December, January - March

Best Months for Shopaholics: Late June - Early July

best time to visit london

High Season

May - September

What to expect:

  • Warm weather and massive tourist crowds since it is peak season.
  • Expect long lines, booked hotels, and peak airline prices during these times.
  • Longer daylight hours and fewer showers.

best time to visit london

Shoulder Season

March to April and September to October

What to Expect:

  • Fewer crowds and shorter queues at tourist hotspots.
  • Late Spring will allow you to see gardens and flowers in bloom.
  • The moderate weather that starts in September is ideal to enjoy Halloween, pre-Christmas celebrations and more.
best time to visit london

Low Season

Late October to Mid-December

What to Expect:

  • Cold temperatures and rain.
  • Christmas festivities all around!
  • You'll have London all to yourself as the tourist crowds begin to reduce.

Seasons in London

best time to visit london


Months: March - May
Average Temperature: 11°C to 15°C

Spring in London is just the right temperature to travel and go sight-seeing. Gardens and flowers across London are in full bloom during this time making it a great time to go on picnics. Explore iconic London attractions during Spring for a memorable experience.

Travel Tips: It’s still best to travel with an umbrella, as rainfall in spring is common.

best time to visit london


Months: June to August
Average Temperature: 21°C - 23°C

Summer in London is greatly relished as the locals enjoy the handful of sunny days they get in the year. You'll find lots of people out and about taking walks and enjoying the city. Summer also means the Wimbledon when visitors from across the world flock to London.

Travel Tips: It might be humid and sticky so remember to carry loose, light clothes for a comfortable trip.

best time to visit london


Months: September to October
Average Temperature: 12°C - 16°C

It starts getting colder in London once Autumn starts, so you'll need to have a coat handy. Autumn months bring in the River festival that celebrates the Thames with with a month-long festival of food, music, exhibitions and various river competitions. The Musuem of London is also open for night events during this time.

Travel Tips: It rains regularly during Autumn, so check the weather frequently before stepping out.

best time to visit london


Months: November to February
Average Temperature: 2°C-6°C

Visit London in winter only if you're comfortable with the plummeting temperatures. It is cold and wet in the winter and it might not be the best time to go sight-seeing. Since winter isn't popular with tourists the crowds are thin giving you time to yourself.

Travel Tips: Enjoy the Christmas festivities across London during these months. Also day time is short so you'll have to see as much as you can in a short window of time.

Best Time to Visit London: Month on Month Guide

best time to visit london
best time to visit london
best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 5ºC - 10ºC

In March, London looks something out of a traveler's fantasies. After a long, cold winter, the flowers anticipate the coming warmth and begin to peep forth. Londoners reclaim their spirits, and the city's nights come alive once more.

Things to do: Visit the Shard, head to Kew Gardens, watch a show at the West End, or celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Travel Tips: Visit the local markets in March and purchase some of the fresh produce on offer.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 7ºC - 13ºC

 April is one of the most exciting months to visit London, as the city's blossoming spring flowers are complemented by a variety of special events and activities.

Things to do: Visit Windsor Castle, explore Kensington Palace, check out the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

Travel Tips: Be sure to visit some of the gardens of London like Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in the latter half of the month to witness the Spring blossom.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 9ºC - 17ºC

May is an excellent month for casual travel because the number of tourists haven't reached their peak yet and you'll get to go sightseeing at your own pace. If you visit London in May, you will have a variety of festivals and shows to pick from to keep you engaged.

Things to do: Attend a gig at the O2 Arena, head to the national gallery, attend the May Fayre and Puppet Festival

Travel Tips: The London Wine Week is an event not to be missed if you are interested in these delicious beverages and their accompaniments.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 12ºC - 20ºC

The beautiful weather is a major selling point for a trip to London in June. The month of June is possibly the greatest time to visit London with the bright sunshine and long daylight hours.

Things to do: Visit Madam Tussauds, Hampton Court Palace or attend the Royal Ascot Race.

Travel Tips: Since June sees a lot of tourists in London, plan to visit the popular attractions early on in the day and try to avoid weekends altogether.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 15°C to 23°C

Skies are clear in London in July making it ideal for going out and sight-seeing. Make the most of outdoor landmarks during this time as the sunshine makes everything infinitely more gorgeous!

Things to do: Visit Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens, take a cruise on the Thames.

Travel Tips: Since the weather is great, visit gardens and parks to have leisurely picnics with your family or friends.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 15°C to 23°C

August is one of the warmest months in London so remember to pack light, breezy clothes as you go around exploring the city.

Things to do: Attend the London Craft Beer Festival, take a London hop-on hop-off bus tour.

Travel Tips: Check out the Notting Hill carnival if you enjoy street festivals.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 13°C to 20°C

September is officially festival season in London and there are a whole bunch of festivals and events you can attend aside from the regular place to go sight-seeing.

Things to do: Attend the London Design Festival, the free Open House London Festival, or the Chelsea History Festival

Travel Tips: Dress in layers as it is usually cool particularly in the mornings and evenings, especially on the observation decks.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 10°C - 16°C

London becomes colder in October with autumn setting in. You'll find vivid autumnal colors all around you during this time of the year in London!

Things to do: Attend the British Film Institute London Film Festival, London Restaurant Festival, or the Trafalgar Day Parade.

Travel Tips: London is a very pedestrian-friendly city. Carry a pair of comfortable shoes if you plan to do a lot of walking.

Best Time to visit london


Average Temperature: 7°C - 12°C

The festive spirit begins to set in during November in London as does the cold. Pack warm coats and jackets for your visit during this time of the year!

Things to do: Checkout the Bonfire Night London Fireworks, attend the EFG London Jazz Festival or a theater show at West End.

Travel Tips: This is a great time to indulge in snowy activities like sleigh rides, skating, snowball fights, and much more.

best time to visit london


Average Temperature: 5°C - 9°

Christmas time in December ensures that nearly every street in London is lit up and the sprit of joy and celebration is all around you!

Things to do: Check out gorgeous views from The Shard, visit Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park for glorious Christmas festivites.

Travel Tips: Pack your rain gear: an umbrella, a light raincoat and water proof / resistant, comfortable walking shoes.

Top Things to do in London


Know More About the Best Time to Visit London

What is the best time to visit London?

The months between March and May is the best time to visit London owing to the perfect weather to go sight-seeing.

When is it High Season in London?

Summers from June to August and the winters in December and January is high season in London.

What are the hottest months in London?

June and July are warm, hot months in London when it is Summer.

What are the coldest months in London?

January and February are the coldest months in London.

When does it rain the most in London?

November and August see the highest rainfall in London.

What is the best time to go sight-seeing in London?

The summer months of May, June, July is the best time to visit London.

When is London less crowded?

London is less crowded during the shoulder season which comprises of Mid-September through November, March through April.

Which time of the year can I get the budget deals in London?

During the shoulder seasons of Mid-September through November, March through April. you'll get the best budget deals in London since tourist footfall is less.

What can I do in London in Summer?

Visit popular destinations like The Shard, Tower Bridge, Kew Gardens, and visit parks for picnics.

What can I do in London in Winter?

Check out Christmas markets, go ice-skating and enjoy the festive spirit all around London in Winter.

What can I do in London in Spring?

Go to parks and gardens and watch flowers in their full bloom in London in Spring.

What can I do in London in Autumn?

Visit Tower Bridge, head to Kew Gardens, go to the Shard in London in Autumn.

What is the best time to visit London with kids?

Visit London with kids in the spring when the weather is mild and it is convenient to go around sightseeing.

What is the best time to visit London for couples?

Visit London in the shoulder season(Mid-September through November, March through April) for a truly romantic time when the crowds are less and you have the city all to yourself.

What is the best time to visit London to shop?

Late June - Early July is when all the sales are on in London making it a great time for shopping.