A Guide to Visiting London in January | Attractions, Events & More

London is the United Kingdom's capital and largest metropolis, with a diverse range of attractions ranging from old to ultra-modern. Whatever you're looking for in terms of art, fashion, food, or music, London will incorporate it into its vibrant metropolis, even in the frigid month of January. Here is a complete guide to visiting London in January.

Is January a good time to visit London?

After a frantic December, London in January witnesses a slew of major commercial arcades open, and the weather cooperates by remaining pleasant.

london in january

Why you should visit

  • The number of tourists in London in January is quite low, making it a good time for freewheeling travel.
  • Due to the drop in the number of tourists, the flight and hotel rates are relatively lower in London in January.
  • There are a few events sprinkled across January in London that can be enjoyed if you visit London this month.
  • Despite the chill, London in January is enjoyable due to the tranquility and the numerous pop-up markets across the city.
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What to look out for

  • London in January is often bitterly cold, which means your stay could be uncomfortable if you are not well prepared.
  • There are several rainy and snowy days in London in January, which could lead to unforeseen cancelation of plans.
  • London in January is known for its shorter days, giving you a shorter window to begin and finish sightseeing.
  • Some attractions may be closed in London in January due to adverse weather conditions, affecting your itinerary.

Overview of weather in London in January

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12 best things to do in London in January

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london in january - tower bridge
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london in january - st paul cathedral
london in january - SEA life
london in january - art of banksy

6. The Art of Banksy London


The Art of Banksy houses the world's greatest private collection of Banksy art. Original and genuine works related with, possibly, the most intriguing and talked-about artist in contemporary history are featured in this internationally acclaimed exhibition. Take the opportunity to visit The Art of Banksy London while the exhibition is still ongoing.

January Timings: Sundays and Mondays 10 AM to 6 PM, Thursdays and Fridays 10 AM to 9 PM, Saturdays 9:30 AM to 7 PM

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10. The View From The Shard


The distinctive glass edifice that soars into the London skyline offers breathtaking views of the city. Whether you stop by for breakfast or a drink at one of the Shard's eateries, or simply to take in the view from the observatory, a visit to the Shard is an unforgettable experience. In January, you would be able to enjoy The View From The Shard without having to brave the tourist crowd.

January Timings: Wednesdays to Sundays 1 PM to 8 PM

london in january thames river

11. Thames River Cruises

Cruises | Leisure

Take a spectacular Thames River cruise to get a unique perspective on the city's iconic landmarks. The finest way to see London is from the comfort of a cruise boat, which has lower and upper decks as well as expansive windows for an amazing view. In January, the Thames River Cruise is a great offbeat experience that you will recount for ages.

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Top Experiences & Things to do in London in January


Festivals in London in January

london in january new year's

New Year’s Day Parade

Venue: Across London

Dates: January 1

The New Year's Parade, which takes place on New Year's Day in London, is one of the events that exemplifies this. If you are in London on New Year's Day, this Parade is a must-see. The Parade takes place at Noon and attracts around 10,000 artists from all over the world, not just from the United Kingdom. The Parade makes you feel like you're a member of the Royal Family.

london in january - fireworks

New Year’s Fireworks

Venue: Across London

Dates: January 1

Nothing beats fireworks to kick off the new year. This is something you should definitely be aware of as the new year begins. The multiple-colored sky on new year's eve appears to be God showering us with many colored blessings. The majority of the area is illuminated with lights, which can be seen reflected in the river nearby.

Events in London in January

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london in january

Know Before You Visit London in January

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
london in january

Time Zone: GMT

Currency: Great British Pound Sterling GBP - £

Country code: +44

Emergency numbers: 111 or 999

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What to Wear in London in January

  •  Since January is a winter month in London, the weather can be frigid. You will need to wear several layers of warm clothing before heading out.
  • Carry enough spare warm clothes as it snows in London in January and your clothes may get soiled.
  • Bring umbrellas and waterproof clothing as rain is quite common in London in January.
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What to Pack in London in January

  • A type G plug must be carried when you are visiting London.
  • London in January is usually very cold, so you must carry a lot of warm clothes and protection for all parts of the body.
  • Comfortable shoes are requisite if you plan to do some walking through London.
  • An umbrella for the rain is also a necessity as the weather in London is almost always rainy.
  • A daypack with enough pockets for all of your items to be carried around during the day should also be packed.
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Getting Around London in January

By Metro: London's Underground subway system is the quickest method to get about. On the Tube, there are 11 lines divided into nine zones. The London Tube is open from 5 AM to midnight.

By Black Cab: These taxis are readily available throughout central London, as well as at major train stations, bus stops, and Heathrow Airport. When hailing a car, make sure the yellow "taxi" light at the front of the cab is turned on.

By Train: Both suburban rail and fast trains connect downtown London to the suburbs, and fast trains connect London to the rest of the nation. There are also regular rail connections to Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stanstead, London's three major airports.

By Bus: The London bus network is huge. It can get you from any part of the city to anywhere else and is the most preferred way of traveling in London.

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Where to Stay in London in January

There is a neighborhood in London for everyone, whether you want to enjoy the nightlife or simply relax in the countryside. If you want to be on the go during your stay, choose a location that is closer to convenience.

Budget: Premier Inn London Putney Bridge Hotel, Premier Inn London Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) hotel, The Walrus Bar & Hostel

Mid-Range: Premier Inn London Holborn Hotel, The Z Hotel Victoria, The Belgrave

Luxury: Marlin Waterloo, Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel, The Ned

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What to eat in London in January

If you truly want to know London, you must try the local dishes and favorites. Here are a few of the ones that you must try in January:

Fish and Chips: Fish and chips are a must-try when visiting London. Apart from tea, this is the meal that shapes global perceptions of British food.

Yorkshire Pudding with Roast: This British favorite is often served at lunch and is fairly filling. In the oven, an egg and flour batter is baked, then softened with gravy. After that, it's served with roast beef, turkey, or ham.

Sausage Roll: A sausage roll in London is undoubtedly a favorite go-to dish for many. It's brown, light, and delightfully flaky.

Oysters: Oysters are a year-round treat in London, and many people consider them to be a premium item. Oysters are a mild delicacy that can be served with lemon juice and brown toast.

Hacks & tips to visit London in January

  • Don’t skimp on the layers, carry as many warm clothes as you possibly can.
  • Expect rain and snow and be prepared to stay in when that happens.
  • Carry waterproof clothing and shoes if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing.
  • Enjoy an evening of watching live football or rugby at a local pub to get a complete British experience.
  • Head to the pop-up markets in January and purchase some of the fresh produce on sale. 
  • Go Ice Skating at the Winter Wonderland when you are in the city during winter.
  • Sketch up an itinerary well before your trip and choose a stay accordingly for your convenience.
  • Look for discounted hotel and flight deals as January doesn’t usually see high tourist traffic.

Frequently asked questions about visiting London in January

Is January a good time to visit London?

Yes, January can be a good time to visit London.

What are the best things to do in London in January?

The best things to do in London in January include visiting top attractions such as Tower of London, London Eye, Kew Gardens among many others. You can also go on a Thames river cruise, visit museums or go on a day trip while visiting London in January.

Is London cold in January?

Yes, London is quite cold in January.  The average temperature range is : High - 6ºC Low - 3ºC

How hot is London in January?

London in January is not hot as it is still winter in the city.

Is it sunny in London in January?

No, London in January is not particularly sunny.

What clothes to wear in London in January?

You will need to wear several layers of warm clothing in London in January.

Is it rainy in London in January?

Yes, London in January is quite rainy.

Is London expensive to visit?

Yes, London is a bit expensive to visit. But if you book your London attractions tickets online, in advance, you will have the chance to save a lot with great deals and discounts.

How safe is London?

London is quite safe in general.

What can I see in London in January?

You can see The Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, and many others in London in January.

What are the major events in London in January?

The major events in London in January include Southbank Centre Wintertime Festival and Hogwarts in Snow at Warner Bros Studios.

What is the average temperature in London in January?

The average temperature in London in January is 5ºC.

What are the best things to do with Kids in London in January?

Kids will enjoy visiting the SEA Life London and going to the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros. Studios.

What are the main festivals in London in January?

The festivals in London in January are New Year’s Day Parade and New Year’s Fireworks.