A Guide to Visiting London in March | Attractions, Events & More

London is the symbol of Britain, along with being one of the most explored cities on the planet. Despite the fact that the city's name screams monarchy and class, the city always accepts everyone. London is a terrific vacation spot at any time of year, including cold March, because of its wealth of vital cultural attractions, amazing restaurants, classic luxury hotels, world-class entertainment, and some of the top museums in the world.

Is March a Good Time to Visit London?

In March, London looks something out of a traveler's fantasies. After a long, cold winter, the flowers anticipate the coming warmth and begin to peep forth. Londoners reclaim their spirits, and the city's nights come alive once more.

london in march

Why You Should Visit

  • March is a great month for casual travel because the amount of visitors in London is low.
  • Due to a fall in the number of passengers, flight and accommodation rates in London are lower in March.
  • If you visit London in March, there are a few festivals and thrilling events that you might enjoy.
  • London in March begins to shed the gloom and cover itself in flowers, which is a sight to behold.
london in march

What to Look Out for

  • Because London is still cold in March if you do not pack appropriately, your stay may be uncomfortable.
  • Many rainy days are expected in London in March, causing plans to be abandoned at the last minute.
  • The shorter days of March in London are notorious for giving you a limited window of opportunity to begin and finish your travels.
  • Some London attractions may be closed in March due to inconsistent weather, causing a disruption to your plans.