A Guide to Visiting London in November | Attractions, Events & More

London is one of the world's great cities, and every structure, from the 11th-century Tower of London to the 21st-century Shard, has stories to tell. Delve into the tales that London has to tell in November, when overcast clouds set a striking backdrop for these renowned attractions. London is quite popular amongst tourists, so if you want to take your time to explore the city, avoiding peak seasons, there cannot be a better time to visit than November.

Is November a good time to visit London?

November is one of the best months to visit London because the city is devoid of the throngs of tourists this month. The weather takes a recognizable turn into winter and fall colors begin to disappear.

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Why you should visit

  • The tourist footfall would have decreased significantly if you plan to visit London in November as it is considered to be a part of the shoulder season of tourism in the city.
  • Hotel rates and airfares show a significant drop from the previous months, making it a great time to visit if you are looking for a budget trip.
  • If you visit London in November, you can attend a variety of social events and catch a number of shows to keep you busy.
  • You will also get the chance to spend a lot of time at some of the top attractions in London in November due to lower visitor counts.
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What to look out for

  • As London is quite cold in November, your stay may be uncomfortable if you do not pack appropriate clothing.
  • A good number of rainy days are predicted in London in November, which might cause disruption to your visit.
  • November in London is infamous for shorter days, giving you a narrow window of daylight to start and end your sightseeing.
  • Due to inclement weather, some London sights may be closed in November, which may throw off your plans.

Overview of weather in London in November

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More about weather in London in November

  • How hot is London in November?
    London is not hot in November. The average high temperature in London in November is 10ºC.
  • Does it rain in London in November?
    Yes, it rains for up to 17 days in London in November.
  • Is London Windy in November?
    London in November experiences a moderate breeze at about 26 kmph.

12 best things to do in London in November

london in november London Eye
london in november Westminster Abbey
london in november Tower Bridge of London
london in november Windsor Castle
london in november Hampton Court Palace
london in november St. Paul's Cathedral
london in november Kensington Palace London
london in november Shakespeare's Globe
london in november The Shard

9. The Shard


The Shard, a remarkable splinter-like formation that tears into the clouds above London, has become a city icon and is one of Europe's tallest buildings. The view from the 244m-high viewing platform on floors 69 and 72 is unlike any other in town, but it is expensive; book ahead of time for a possible discount. Premium tickets include a rain guarantee, which means you may be able to return for free if it rains.

November Timings: Thursdays to Saturdays 10 AM to 10 PM (access until 8:30 PM), Sundays to Wednesdays 10 AM to 7 PM (access until 5:30 PM)

london in november ArcelorMittal Orbit

10. ArcelorMittal Orbit


Anish Kapoor's twisted-steel sculpture, which stands 115 meters tall, towers over Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park's southern end. It is, in essence, an artwork, but at 80m, it also provides incredible panoramic views from a mirrored observation deck accessible via a lift from the sculpture's base (the tallest in the UK). The world's highest and longest tube slide goes down the tower, coiling 178m down to ground level.

November Timings: Daily 11 AM to 3 PM

london in november Kew Gardens
london in november  Buckingham Palace

Top experiences & things to do in London in November


Festivals in London in November

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Bonfire Night

Venue: Throughout London

Dates: 5 November

Every year, London commemorates the historic Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605, when Guy Fawkes and his ragtag group tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. It is still common practice for the Yeoman of the Guard to search the cellars in the Houses of Parliament before each State Opening of Parliament. Guy Fawkes Day or Guy Fawkes Night became popular names for the day, but it is now more commonly known as Bonfire Night, with celebrations, elaborate fireworks and bonfires displayed all over London.

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Events in London in November

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london in november

Know before you visit London in November

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
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Time Zone: GMT

Currency: Great British Pound Sterling GBP - £

Country code: +44

Emergency numbers: 111 or 999

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What to Wear in London in November

  • Before setting out on a walking tour, make sure to put on a pair of comfortable shoes.
  • The weather in London in November can be pretty cold as the winter bite begins to make its presence known. Before venturing out, dress in several layers of warm clothing.
  • Carry additional warm clothing in case it snows in London in November and your clothes get damp, even if chances of snow are minimal.
  • Rain is a common occurrence in London in November, so bring umbrellas and weatherproof clothing.
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What to Pack in London in November

  • A Type G plug is needed when visiting London.
  • In November, London can be cold, so bring adequate warm clothing and protection for all parts of your body.
  • If you plan on walking around London, you'll need some good shoes.
  • As London's weather is virtually constantly rainy, an umbrella is also essential.
  • Bring a daypack with plenty of pockets to carry everything you'll need for your day out.
  • If you plan to go out late at night in November, bring extra scarves and jackets.
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Getting Around London in November

  • By Metro: London's Underground subway system is the quickest method to get around the city. On the Tube, there are 11 lines divided into nine zones. The London Tube is open from 5 AM to midnight.
  • By Black Cab: These taxis are readily available throughout central London, as well as at major train stations, bus stops, and Heathrow Airport.
  • By Train: Both suburban rail and fast trains connect downtown London to the suburbs, and fast trains connect London to the rest of the nation. There are also regular rail connections to Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stanstead, London's three major airports.
  • By Bus: The London bus network is huge. It can get you from any part of the city to anywhere else and is the most popular mode of transportation in London.
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Where to Stay in London in November

Whether you prefer the capital's serene suburbs or the city's hustle and bustle, London has something for everyone. If your itinerary is jam-packed with events, choose a location close to the attractions. This would be particularly useful in November if the weather is nice enough to take advantage of a clear day.

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What to eat in London in November

Check out the following British specialties in November:

  • Duck Fat Fries: The English love a good fry. During your visit to London, you will undoubtedly consume some form of fries. Duck Fat Fries are characterized by being fried in duck fat, which imparts a distinct texture and flavor.
  • Black Pudding: Blood sausage, also known as black pudding, is a traditional British and Irish food. It's made with pork blood, fat, suet, and cereal, most commonly oatmeal or barley.
  • Welsh Rarebit: The rarebit part of the name is actually a misspelling of the word "rabbit," but this dish does not contain any rabbit meat.  Instead, the dish consists a cheese sauce slathered with herbs and spread over toast; you'll want this delicacy on a chilly November day.

Hacks & tips to visit London in November

  • If you intend to do a lot of sightseeing, bring waterproof clothing and shoes.
  • In November, visit local markets and buy some fresh vegetables on display.
  • While shopping at local markets, don't be afraid to haggle for the best price.
  • When you arrive in London, purchase an Oyster card, which can be used to commute and enter some of the city's most popular attractions.
  • Have a picnic on Primrose Hill and take in the beautiful scenery of London.
  • Head to Kew Gardens to witness the first lights appear for the Christmas at Kew event in the next month.
  • Take a boat ride on the Thames in November, as the weather is ideal for this unforgettable experience.
  • Purchase your tickets early to benefit from lower hotel rates during the shoulder season.
  • Pre-purchase tickets to The Shard and watch London change colors from 244 meters above the city.
  • Do not forget to pack enough winter clothes for your trip to London in November as the city can get pretty cold this month.

Frequently asked questions about visiting London in November

Is November a good time to visit London?

Yes, November can be a good time to visit London. The weather starts getting cold in the city with an average temperature of 9ºC and the number of tourists is low, making it suitable for sightseeing.

Is London cold in November?

Yes, London is a bit cold in November. The average low temperature is 6ºC.

What are the best things to do in London in November?

The best things to do in London in November include visiting top attractions such as Tower of London, London Eye, Kew Gardens among many others. You can also go on a Thames river cruise, visit museums or go on a day trip while visiting London in November.

Is it sunny in London in November?

No, London in November is only moderately sunny. You can expect about 4 hours of sunshine in London in November.

What clothes to wear in London in November?

You should dress in warm clothing whenever you go out in London in November. On sunny days, you may be able to get away with wearing fewer layers of clothing.

Is London expensive to visit?

Yes, London is a bit expensive to visit. The average daily cost for a person in London is £145. The weekly budget for a couple in London is about £2050. But if you book your London attractions tickets online, in advance, you will have the chance to save a lot with great deals and discounts.

How safe is London?

London is quite safe in general. But even so, do not venture alone into dark alleys with valuable personal belongings or a considerable amount of cash on you.

What can I see in London in November?

You can see The Tower of London, London Eye, Natural History Museum, The Shard, and many other attractions in London in November.

What are the major events in London in November?

The major events in London in November include the EFG London Jazz Festival and the Lord Mayor’s Show.

What is the average temperature in London in November?

The average temperature in London in November is 9ºC.

What are the best things to do with Kids in London in November?

The best things to do in London in November include visiting Kew Gardens, taking a day trip to Stonehenge, and enjoying a visit to Windsor Castle.

What are the main festivals in London in November?

The festivals in London in November are Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day.