A Guide to Visiting London in November | Attractions, Events & More

London is one of the world's great cities, and every structure, from the 11th-century Tower of London to the 21st-century Shard, has stories to tell. Delve into the tales that London has to tell in November, when overcast clouds set a striking backdrop for these renowned attractions. London is quite popular amongst tourists, so if you want to take your time to explore the city, avoiding peak seasons, there cannot be a better time to visit than November.

Is November a good time to visit London?

November is one of the best months to visit London because the city is devoid of the throngs of tourists this month. The weather takes a recognizable turn into winter and fall colors begin to disappear.

london in november

Why you should visit

  • The tourist footfall would have decreased significantly if you plan to visit London in November as it is considered to be a part of the shoulder season of tourism in the city.
  • Hotel rates and airfares show a significant drop from the previous months, making it a great time to visit if you are looking for a budget trip.
  • If you visit London in November, you can attend a variety of social events and catch a number of shows to keep you busy.
  • You will also get the chance to spend a lot of time at some of the top attractions in London in November due to lower visitor counts.
london in november

What to look out for

  • As London is quite cold in November, your stay may be uncomfortable if you do not pack appropriate clothing.
  • A good number of rainy days are predicted in London in November, which might cause disruption to your visit.
  • November in London is infamous for shorter days, giving you a narrow window of daylight to start and end your sightseeing.
  • Due to inclement weather, some London sights may be closed in November, which may throw off your plans.