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Meet The Animals at SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Animals at SEA Life Aquarium

Experience the wonders of the SEA Life London Aquarium, where you'll encounter more than 1,500 animals representing various species from oceans and waterways worldwide. Explore the 10 distinct zones, each designed to mimic a specific habitat. Get your tickets now to delve into this educational and fascinating aquatic journey at SEA Life London Aquarium.

Zones Inside SEA Life Aquarium

Explore the captivating zones of SEA Life London Aquarium, each offering a distinct insight into various aquatic ecosystems

Coral Reef at Sea Life London

Coral Kingdom

Discover the vibrant coral reefs, showcasing the likes of the Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean Sea, where colourful fish, sea turtles, and sharks thrive.

Aquatic life at Sea Life London

Coral Reef Inhabitants

Study the diverse animals living within coral reefs, from fish to shrimp and crabs, and grasp the importance of coral ecosystems.

Turtles at Sea Life London

Turtles & Terrapins

This zone is home to a variety of turtles and terrapins, including the green sea turtle and the loggerhead sea turtle. Visitors can learn about the threats that these animals face and how they can be conserved.

Lionfish in coral reefs

Ocean Invaders

Witness creatures that have invaded oceans, such as the lionfish and Japanese spider crab, and understand their impact on marine environments.

Red-bellied piranhas - Rainforest Adventure, Coral Reef at Sea Life London

Rainforest Adventure

Encounter animals from the Amazon rainforest, including piranhas, caimans, and poison dart frogs, and learn about their unique adaptations.

Penguins at Sea Life London
Sharks at Sea Life London

Open Oceans

Witness the grandeur of large ocean animals - sharks, rays, and turtles - and comprehend their vital role within marine ecosystems.

Photo of a blobfish

Creatures of the Deep

This zone takes a closer look at some of the weird and wonderful creatures that live in the deep ocean, such as the blobfish and the barreleye fish.

King Penguins at Sea Life London


Delve into the lives of penguin species including Humboldt and king penguins in their designated habitat.

The Arabian blue swimming crab

Coral Reef Inhabitants

Study the diverse animals living within coral reefs, from fish to shrimp and crabs, and grasp the importance of coral ecosystems.

A starfish in the Rock pool at Sea Life London


This zone is home to a variety of animals that live in the intertidal zone, where the tide goes in and out twice a day. Animals found in this zone include starfish, crabs, sea anemones, and sea urchins.

Seahorse Kingdom at Sea Life London

Seahorse Kingdom

This zone is home to a variety of seahorses, including the pygmy seahorse, the world's smallest seahorse.

Amazon River at Sea Life London

Amazon River

This zone takes visitors on a journey through the Amazon River, where they can see piranhas, caimans, and other creatures that live in this amazing ecosystem.

Coral Reefs at Sea Life London

Indian Ocean

This zone showcases the diversity of life in the Indian Ocean, from the coral reefs of the Maldives to the mangroves of India.

Mother and son watching sea life

Pacific Coast

This zone explores the marine life of the Pacific Ocean, from the cold waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii.

Open Oceans & Shipwreck- Sea Life London


This zone is home to a sunken shipwreck, where visitors can see fish, crabs, and other creatures that have made their home in the wreck.

Additional Attractions:

  • 4D cinema experience.
  • Engaging touch pools.
  • Informative feeding shows.
  • A gift shop for memorabilia.

Notable Animals at SEA Life London Aquarium

Sea Life London
  • Over 30 shark species, including great whites, tiger sharks, and hammerhead sharks.
  • A variety of rays, from stingrays to manta rays and eagle rays.
  • A diverse range of fish species, exceeding 1,000, such as tropical fish, clownfish, and angelfish.
  • Multiple jellyfish species, including moon jelly, box jellyfish, and lion's mane jellyfish.
  • Octopuses, including the giant Pacific octopus and flamboyant cuttlefish.
  • Penguin colony featuring Humboldt penguins and king penguins.
  • Different turtle species, like green sea turtles and loggerheads.
  • Various seahorse species, including pygmy seahorses and long-snouted seahorses.

Visitor Tips

  • Book Tickets Online: Save time and avoid long lines by purchasing your tickets online in advance. This can also help you secure your preferred entry time.
  • Arrive Early or Late: The aquarium tends to be less crowded during the early morning or late afternoon hours. This can give you more space to enjoy the exhibits without the rush.
  • Check Feeding Schedules: Plan your visit around the feeding schedules of various animals. Watching feeding sessions can be both educational and entertaining.
  • Download the App: SEA Life London Aquarium may have an official app that provides information about exhibits, interactive maps, and other useful details to help you navigate the aquarium.
  • Follow the Route: The aquarium is divided into zones for a reason. Follow the designated route to ensure you don't miss any exhibits and to maintain a smooth flow of visitors.
  • Take Your Time: Allocate enough time to fully explore each zone. Read information panels, observe the animals, and take advantage of interactive displays for a richer experience.
  • Ask Educators: The aquarium often has knowledgeable staff stationed throughout the exhibits. Don't hesitate to ask questions and learn more about the animals and habitats.
  • Photography Guidelines: Check if photography is allowed and adhere to any guidelines. Be mindful of flash photography, as it may disturb the animals.
  • Children's Interests: If visiting with children, consider their interests and attention spans. The aquarium offers kid-friendly activities and exhibits to keep them engaged.
  • Interactive Zones: Take advantage of touch pools and interactive displays. They offer a hands-on experience and a chance to learn more about marine life.
  • Rest Areas: SEA Life London Aquarium might have designated rest areas. Use these spots to take a break, especially if you're visiting with young children.
  • Check for Events: Check if there are any special events or temporary exhibits during your visit. These can add an extra layer of excitement to your experience.
  • Souvenirs: If you're interested in taking home a souvenir, visit the gift shop on your way out. It's a great way to support the aquarium and remember your visit.
  • Respect the Environment: While enjoying the aquarium, remember the importance of marine conservation. Use this opportunity to learn about the challenges faced by marine life and how we can contribute to their protection.
  • Public Transport: Consider using public transportation to reach the aquarium, as it's located in a central area of London. This can help you avoid parking hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEA Life London Animals

What are the opening hours of SEA Life London Aquarium?

The aquarium is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. The last entry is at 5:00 PM.

How much does it cost to visit SEA Life London Aquarium?

The adult ticket price is £24.95, the child ticket price (ages 3-15) is £19.95, and the senior ticket price (ages 60+) is £22.95. There are also family ticket options available.

What are the different zones at SEA Life London Aquarium?

There are 10 zones at SEA Life London Aquarium: Coral Kingdom, Ocean Invaders, Rainforest Adventure, Polar Adventure, Open Oceans, Creatures, Penguins, Coral Reef Inhabitants, Octopus, Turtles & Terrapins.

What are some of the animals that can be seen at SEA Life London Aquarium?

Some of the animals that can be seen at SEA Life London Aquarium include sharks, rays, fish, jellyfish, octopuses, penguins, turtles, and seahorses.

Is there a 4D cinema at SEA Life London Aquarium?

Yes, there is a 4D cinema at SEA Life London Aquarium. The cinema shows a short film about the underwater world.

Is there a touch pool at SEA Life London Aquarium?

Yes, there is a touch pool at SEA Life London Aquarium. Visitors can touch and learn about different marine animals, such as sea stars and crabs.

Are there any feeding shows at SEA Life London Aquarium?

Yes, there are feeding shows at SEA Life London Aquarium. Visitors can watch the penguins, sharks, and other animals being fed.

How long does it take to visit SEA Life London Aquarium?

The average visit to SEA Life London Aquarium takes 2-3 hours.

What is the best time to visit SEA Life London Aquarium?

The best time to visit SEA Life London Aquarium is during the week, when it is less crowded.