Meet The Animals at SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Meet the animals at SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Embark on a captivating journey through the SEA Life London Aquarium, home to over 1,500 marine creatures spanning diverse species from oceans around the globe. Discover 10 unique zones, each expertly crafted to replicate different aquatic habitats. Secure your tickets today for an immersive and educational experience exploring the wonders of the underwater world at SEA Life London Aquarium.

SEA Life Aquarium animals and zones

Coral Reef at Sea Life London

Coral Kingdom

Visit the vibrant Coral Kingdom at SEA LIFE London, where the UK’s largest living coral reef awaits, showcasing a dazzling array of color and life.

Animals you can spot: Clownfish
Yellow tang
Sea goldie
Blue tangs 

Turtles at Sea Life London

Turtles & Terrapins

This zone is home to a variety of turtles and terrapins, including the green sea turtle and the loggerhead sea turtle. You can learn about the threats that these animals face and how you can help save the species!
Animals you can spot: Red Eared Terrapins 
Yellow Bellied Terrapins
Snapping turtle

Lionfish in coral reefs

Ocean Invaders

Witness SEA LIFE London's largest jellyfish experience, features three interactive zones, with over 350 species.
Animals you can spot: Moon jellyfish
Upside down jellyfish
Japanese sea nettle

Red-bellied piranhas - Rainforest Adventure, Coral Reef at Sea Life London

Rainforest Adventure

Experience a thrilling encounter with creepy crawlies, crocs, and critters at SEA LIFE London. Get up close with tarantulas, leafcutter ants, and the UK's largest piranha collection

Animals you can spot: Dwarf crocodile
Poison dart frog 
Red Bellied Piranhas

Penguins at Sea Life London

Polar Adventure

Experience the enchanting Polar Adventure at SEA LIFE London, featuring a captivating Gentoo Penguin Colony and AR technology bringing Arctic creatures to life.
Animals you can spot: Gentoo penguins
Spiny lobster

Sharks at Sea Life London

Open Oceans

Explore the awe-inspiring Open Ocean exhibit at SEA LIFE London, where vibrant tropical fish swirl around great Grey Whale bones, accompanied by graceful Green Sea turtles drifting overhead in a mesmerizing glass tunnel stroll.|
Animals you can spot: White spotted pufferfish
Zebra shark
Southern stingrays
Green sea turtles

A starfish in the Rock pool at Sea Life London


Explore resilient creatures in Rock Pools at SEA LIFE London, adapting to changing tides and temperatures. Learn about fascinating starfish, which can regenerate lost limbs and digest food in a unique way, without brains or hearts.
Animals you can spot: Starfish
Sea Anemone
Jewel Anemones
European Shore Crabs

Seahorse Kingdom at Sea Life London

Seahorse Kingdom

Discover the enchanting world of Seadragons and Seahorses at SEA LIFE London, where these captivating creatures showcase their unique behaviors, from seagrass gripping to male seahorses giving birth. 

Animals you can spot: Pot-bellied Seahorse
Weedy seadragons

Open Oceans & Shipwreck- Sea Life London


This zone is home to a sunken shipwreck, where along with sharks, you can see fish, crabs, and other creatures that have made their home in the wreck.
Animals you can spot: Bowmouth guitarfish
Blacktip reef shark
Sand tiger shark
Nurse shark

Additional Attractions:

  • 4D cinema experience.
  • Engaging touch pools.
  • Informative feeding shows.
  • A gift shop for memorabilia.