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SEA Life London Aqaurium Parking Facilities - Everything You Need To Know

The Sea Life London Aquarium is a popular tourist destination located on the South Bank of the River Thames. It features over 5,000 creatures from all over the world, including sharks, penguins, and seahorses. The aquarium is divided into several zones, each focusing on a different habitat, such as the Coral Kingdom, Ocean Invaders, and Polar Adventure. 

Located near the London Eye, the aquarium actively promotes marine conservation and education through breeding programs and partnerships with organizations like the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Visitors can also enjoy talks or even book special experiences such as snorkeling with sharks or meeting the penguins.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium location

Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

Located near the London Eye, SEA LIFE London Aquarium is situated on the ground floor of County Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames in central London.

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Entrances: The Sea Life London Aquarium has two entrances for visitors to access its mesmerizing underwater world. One entrance is for purchasing tickets, featuring ramps or slopes for easy access to the aquarium. The other entrance leads to attractions like the Shark Walk, with double doors that are step-free and visually contrasting for clear identification.

Parking facilities near SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Q-Park Westminster

Q-Park Westminster

Located a mere 350 meters from the aquarium, this car park provides convenient multistorey parking monitored by CCTV and security staff. Prices fluctuate based on duration, with a 15% discount for online pre-booking available. It operates around the clock.

National Theatre Car Park

National Theatre Car Park

The National Theatre Car Park presents an alternative parking solution close to the aquarium, conveniently situated within walking distance of the London Dungeon. With a £7 daily rate available for pre-booking online, it operates from 7am to 7pm every day of the week.

London Waterloo Station Car Park

London Waterloo Station Car Park

The multi-story car park adjacent to Waterloo Station operates 24/7, catering to various parking needs. Prices are flexible, dependent on duration. Conveniently situated near popular attractions like Sea Life London Aquarium, it's accessible via pay-and-display meters or private garages, with rates starting from £5 for an hour and £20 for a day.

NCP Car Parks

NCP Car Parks

Various NCP car parks are situated across central London, such as NCP Covent Garden Piazza, NCP Waterloo, and NCP Westminster Bridge Road. Rates and promotions differ based on location and duration. Operating hours vary slightly per site, but typically cater to extended periods. With multiple NCP locations scattered throughout central London, proximity to the aquarium varies based on selection.

How to get to SEA LIFE London Aquarium

  • By bus: Take the 12, 53, 59, 76, 148, 159, 211 or 341 bus to Westminster Bridge Road, or the 77 or RV1 to Belvedere Road. You can also take the 211, 77 or 381 to York Road. All have stops near the aquarium.
  • By underground: The nearest tube stations are Westminster (accessible via the Circle, Jubilee, and District lines) and Waterloo (accessible via the Northern, Bakerloo, Waterloo & City lines). The aquarium is a short walk from both stations.
  • By train: Waterloo Station is the closest train station. The aquarium is a 10-12 minute walk from there.
  • By car: Drive down to the attraction and use Q-Park Westminster, the nearest car park to SEA LIFE London Aquarium, to park your vehicle.
  • By foot: Enjoy a short scenic walk from nearby locations like Trafalgar Square, Waterloo Station, or Westminster Bridge, to reach SEA LIFE London Aquarium.

Frequently asked questions about SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Is there parking available at SEA LIFE London Aquarium?

No, the aquarium does not have on-site parking but there are a few car parks near the attraction that you can use to park your vehicle.

Are there any parking options near SEA LIFE London Aquarium?

Yes, there are quite a few parking options near the aquarium like the Q-Park Westminster car park, National Theatre car park, and the NCP parking garages.

How much does parking cost at SEA LIFE London Aquarium?

The parking cost depends on which parking facility you choose and how long you stay.

Are there any parking restrictions near SEA LIFE London Aquarium?

Yes, there are parking restrictions near the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, including a Congestion Charge zone.

Is it easy to find parking near SEA LIFE London Aquarium?

It depends on the day and time of your visit. Finding parking, especially during peak hours, can be challenging. 

Can I park on the street near SEA LIFE London Aquarium?

Street parking near SEA LIFE London Aquarium may be limited but is not recommended due to restrictions and congestion charges.

Is parking near SEA LIFE London Aquarium accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, parking facilities near the aquarium are accessible and cater to people with disabilities.