A Guide to Visiting London in May | Attractions, Events & More

London is more than just a capital city; it is a metropolis in its own right. It has an ancient soul that is fast vanishing from our planet's face. It is aware of its origins and would prefer to ruminate about them than consider the world's obsessions. The month of May is a near-Perfect time to visit London. Read on to find out the reasons.

Is May a Good Time to Visit London?

A major highlight of London in May is the pleasant weather. Because London's coldest months may be particularly unpleasant, the month of May is perhaps the best time to visit the city. London in May is a sight to behold.

london in may

Why You Should Visit

  • Because the number of tourists in London has not yet reached its height, May is an excellent month for casual travel.
  • Because May comes during the shoulder season for tourists, flight and accommodation prices in London may sometimes be lower.
  • If you visit London in May, you will have a variety of festivals and shows to pick from to keep you engaged.
  • Spring is in full swing in London in May and it’s possibly the best time to be in the city for visiting the gardens.
london in may

What to Look Out for

  • If you expect to tour London in May, you may be caught out by the sudden influx of tourists along with the arrival of warm weather.
  • London is expected to have many rainy days in May, causing plans to be postponed at the last minute.
  • You'll need to pack a lot for a vacation to London in May due to the unpredictable weather.
  • Due to the increased number of warm-weather tourists, hotel availability may begin to decline and rates may begin to climb in the second part of the month.