Hampton Court Palace Map | Getting Around, Visitor Facilities & More

With 1390 different rooms and massive gardens, having a Hampton Court Palace map is very useful when you're trying to get around the place. The map shows the major attractions at the palace and also includes a key to help identify different areas of the palace. 

Hampton Court Palace Map

hampton court palace map

Hampton Court Palace is a massive building that takes about 3 hours to cover. Having a map on your person allows you to be aware of your whereabouts in the palace. The map also allows you to locate popular attractions in the palace, the information kiosk, nearby facilities, and much more. The map also includes details on where to head next and the best ways to get around the palace. 

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Getting Around Hampton Court Palace

hampton court palace

Visitor Facilities

Wheelchair Accessibility: Hampton Court Palace is wheelchair accessible, making it easy for visitors with mobility issues to get around. There are ramps throughout the palace and all the toilets are wheelchair-accessible. There is also a designated parking space for disabled visitors near the palace entrance.

Information Kiosk: The Information Center is located in the main building near the Undercroft and is open during the opening hours of the palace.

First Aid: Hampton Court Palace has a first-aid room located on the ground floor of the palace, near the entrance to Henry VIII's apartments. If you need medical assistance during your visit, please speak to a member of the palace staff.

Lockers: There are lockers available at the palace to store your luggage. These are located in the Buggy Store in Clock Court.

Toilets: Toilets are available at the Wilderness, the Base Court, the Fountain Court and the Kitchen Garden. All the toilets are wheelchair accessible as well. 

Carer Ticket: Disabled visitors are allowed to bring one carer into the palace for free. The free carer ticket can be availed at the ticket office on the day of your visit by presenting the required proof of disability.

Guide Dogs: All kinds of guide, service and assistance dogs are allowed into the palace. Make sure that they are wearing their jacket or lead slip. 

Wifi: There is free wifi access available at the palace.

Audio Guides: There are audio tours available for the visually impaired at William III’s Apartments and the Tudor Kitchens. You can also find transcripts of these audio guides at the Information Center for the hard of hearing. 

Braille Guides: You can borrow braille guides from the Information Center. You can approach a warder if you want to use them. 

Push-chairs: If you are visiting with young children, you can take your children in push-chairs around the gardens. There is a Buggy Park off Clock Court if you don’t wish to carry the push-chairs around with you.

Baby Changing Facilities: There are baby changing facilities available at the Base Court, the Fountain Court and the Magic Garden.

Hampton Court Palace Regulations

  • Eating or drinking is allowed only in the designated lunchrooms.
  • The entire palace is a smoke-free zone. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • Photography is allowed except for Chapel Royal and Royal Pew. Flash photography is discouraged.
  • Exhibits placed behind ropes are not to be touched.
  • Cycling or scooters are strictly prohibited in the courtyards and gardens.
  • Pets are not allowed aside from assistance dogs, provided that you have the necessary documents.

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Visitor Tips

  • Since Hampton Court Palace is a popular tourist destination, it is advisable to visit early to avoid the afternoon crowds. 
  • The best way to get your hands on tickets and avoid long queues is to book online. This way you can enter for the date and time that you booked for without any hassle. 
  • Parking can be competitive and a hassle for car owners, especially during the busy season. It is best to park at a nearby location like Hampton Court Green or simply to take the bus to Hampton. 
  • Stay on the ground to witness one of the many historical reenactments that take place to bring visitors ever closer to the vast history of the land. 
  • Your ticket is all you need to access the wonderful activities available at Hampton Court such as Garden History tours, family trails, children trails, and more. 
  • Hampton Court caters to all visitors and they offer British Sign Language tours, escorted visits, sensory experiences for people living with dementia and proper measures of accessibility for disabled visitors. 
  • There are open-air/indoor restaurants and cafes on-site such as Tiltyard Café, Privy Kitchen Café, Fountain Court Café, where you can enjoy anything from salads, sandwiches, and lunches to cake and coffee.