Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace Facts You Didn’t Know

Hampton Court Palace is a beacon that invites many visitors and draws them in like the very old maze in its gardens. Built in the 16th-century, the palace not only served as the residence of Henry VIII, and subsequent monarchy, but it stands as the symbol one of the most important epochs in England, i.e. the Tudor dynasty. A place where Shakespeare’s ‘King’s Men’ performed Hamlet and Macbeth, Hampton Court Palace is a cornucopia of history, tradition, and intriguing stories of the royal court. Today, the palace belongs to Queen Elizabeth II and remains open to the public for it is too beautiful a thing to be kept hidden from the world. 

Hampton Court Palace Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. The UK’s oldest maze is part of Hampton Court Gardens that remains its most popular attraction. 
  2. Hampton Court gardens currently have the world’s longest grapevine, that is now entwined with the glasshouse walls that encase it. 
  3. The infamous Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII’s second wife and was shunned to the Tower of London, following which she was beheaded for treason. 
  4. The ghost of Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, who was executed for adultery, is said to roam the halls of the court. 
  5. George II threw open the palace doors to accommodate ‘grace and favor’ residents and even today the apartments are occupied by some residents. 
  6. Once a home, the Palace also served as a prison where Charles I remained until his escape from Oliver Cromwell in 1647. 
  7. The 60-acre gardens at the Palace run all the way down to meet the River Thames.
  8. The King’s beasts are a collection of ten animals that represent the lineage of King Henry and his third wife and they still stand on a bridge leading to the gatehouse at the Palace.

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