A Guide to Shopping in London | Best Things to Buy, Malls, Souvenirs & More

London equals elegance. The chic English capital is a magnet for fashionistas and shoppers, home to amazing antique and speciality stores, shopping districts, and retail stores. It is the place you want to go for a shopping experience of a lifetime.

Best things to buy in London

Shopping in London - English tea

English tea


Tea was first introduced to the English capital in the 1600s. Today, it is the centre of the best English tea to take home.

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Shopping in London - Umbrella



London’s erratic weather is the reason why umbrellas are popular in the city. An Englishman named Jonas Hanway was the first one to use it in the 1750s.

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Shopping in London - Artisanal gin

Artisanal gin


Artisanal gin has been made by distilleries in London since 1830. It is back in fashion now, so try and carry at least a bottle.

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Shopping in London - Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston


Cath Kidston has a presence in over 16 countries but the lifestyle brand began its story in London. Buying their products in their city feels unique and different.

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Shopping in London - House of Commons notebook

House of Commons notebook


How cool is journaling in a notebook stamped by the UK Government? You can get it offline only at the House of Parliament Shop opposite Big Ben.

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Shopping in London - Hat

A hat


Remember Mad Hatter? It is believed that Lock & Co. Hatters’ shop manager was the inspiration behind the character.

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Shopping in London - British country clothing

British country clothing


Country clothing in Britain is fashionable, so picking up a few clothes only makes sense. There’s no better place to buy them than Barbour, established in 1894.

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Shopping in London - Toys



London is the home of Hamleys. The retail chain has seven floors dedicated to toys in Central London.

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Shopping in London - London books

London books


Grabbing your favourite book at iconic stores in the English capital feels exquisite. If you’re confused where to go, hit Foyles, once listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Shopping in London - suit



Savile Row in London is renowned worldwide for crafting suits and jackets for men. All the shops on the street are equally iconic.

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