Be Part Of Harry Potter™ Studio Events | Find Out What's On, How To Attend, Visitors Tips And More


Harry Potter™ Studios London is not just a walkthrough exhibition and studio tour. Yes, it houses the best costumes, props, and sets from Harry Potter, but it also offers an interactive experience. The six Harry Potter™ Studio events will teleport you to the magical world of Harry Potter, giving you a taste of dinner with Death Eaters, a lesson in Dark Arts or Potions and also a ride on the Hogwarts Express. Are you ready?

Why Shouldn't You Miss Harry Potter™ Studio Events?

Harry Potter studio events
  • Participate in exciting wizarding activities - Harry Potter™ Studio events give you an opportunity to not only explore the attractions but also be part of the wizarding world by participating in activities like learning how to do magic, opening your own wizard bank account, shopping for your first day at Hogwarts etc.
  • Experience Christmas at Hogwarts - Hogwarts in the Snow is the extraordinary Christmas celebration at Harry Potter™ Studios. You can dance at the famous Yule Ball and witness your favourite sets decorated for Christmas.
  • Dine like wizards - Dinner at the Great Hall is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can relive your favourite Harry Potter trio moments as you savour Hogwarts delicacies.

What's On! At Harry Potter™ Studio Tours

Harry Potter studio events - Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley

Get an exclusive look at the broomsticks in the Quality Quidditch Supplies and make your way through the dusty stacks of wands at Ollivanders. The Diagon Alley experience also has the famous three-storey explosions of mischievous Weasley products for you to discover. The Weasley's storefront featuring the 20-foot mannequin took over 3 months to be built so make sure to pay a visit.

Event schedule - Always on

Harry Potter studio events - Hogwarts In The Snow
Harry Potter studio events - Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Goblins were central to the Harry Potter movies. They famously ran Gringotts Wizarding Bank, which has now become an attraction at the Harry Potter™ Studio Tours. The Gringotts Wizarding Bank was the biggest expansion in the Studio Tours, and the work of original crew members like Oscar® and BAFTA-winning Production Designer Stuart Craig, Construction Manager Paul Hayes and Head Propmaker Pierre Bohanna. You can explore the secrets inside the Lestrange value and walk through the luxurious banking hall of Gringotts. The latter is spectacular, decorated with three crystal chandeliers finished with real brass leaves.

Event schedule - Always on

Harry Potter studio events - Professor Sprout's Greenhouse

Professor Sprout's Greenhouse

Professor Pomona Sprout’s Greenhouse is an exciting experience as it takes you back to Mandrakes and gives you a lesson in exotic and magical plants. Did you know that the Mandrakes' movement in the Chamber of Secrets wasn't CGI but was achieved using animatronic controllers hidden beneath the table? Now you do. Pulling out Mandrakes is a fun activity you can participate in, although try not to get bitten as Draco Malfoy. 

Event schedule - Always on

Harry Potter studio events - Dinner in the Great Hall

Dinner in the Great Hall

Harry, Ron, and Hermione's journey started in the Great Hall. It's your turn to feel welcome as you enjoy a luxurious two-course meal in the same place as your favourite characters. After your meal, you can explore Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest, and other sets before tasting dessert and the wizard's drink of choice, Butterbeer! Bid goodbye to the evening with a disco by the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 ¾.

Event schedule - Runs during December every year

Harry Potter studio events - Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express is the most popular train in the world. Thanks to the Harry Potter™ Studios, you can join the small list of people who have enjoyed a ride inside Hogwarts Express. The train wasn't originally part of the Studios. It was added in March 2015 along with the recreation of Platform 9¾. You can climb aboard the train's carriage and pose as Harry and Ron with a luggage trolley. 

Event schedule - Always on

Visitors Tips

  • You can be part of activities and events with your general Harry Potter™ Studio tickets. So make sure you don't miss the golden opportunity to be part of the tribe.
  • Some events like Hogwarts In The Snow and Dinner In The Great Hall are only on for a specific number of days. Plan your visit to Harry Potter™ Studios accordingly.
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing depending on when you visit. You might want to keep yourself warm during December if you're attending the Christmas celebrations.
  • Harry Potter™ Studio events and activities are much sought after and attract tourists from all over the world. Make your bookings much in advance to avoid delays and hassle later on.
  • Harry Potter™ Studio is closed on 25 and 26 December. The weekly timings also vary in winter. Check the studio calendar for precise opening hours while planning your visit.

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Frequntly Asked Questions About Harry Potter™ Studio Events

Q. Does Harry Potter™ Studio host events?

A. Yes. Harry Potter™ Studio tours also include activities and special events for all fans and visitors to get an immersive experience of the wizarding world.

Q. What Harry Potter™ Studio events can I participate in on my tour?

A. At Harry Potter™ Studio, you can take a ride on the train to Hogwarts at Platform 9 3/4, participate in herbology lessons from Professor Sprout in the Greenhouse, open your wizard account with Gringotts Wizarding bank and shop on the streets of Diagon Alley. Two other extremely popular events are Dinner at the Great Hall and Hogwarts in the Snow.

Q. What are the timings of Harry Potter™ Studio events?

A. The timings of Harry Potter™ Studio events and activities are the same as the opening hours of the studio. The opening time keeps varying, hence check the studio calendar while planning your visit.

Q. Do I need separate tickets for Harry Potter™ Studio events?

A. No. Harry Potter™ Studio events are included in the reguar studio tickets.

Q. Are Harry Potter™ Studio events worth it?

A. Absolutely. Participating in Harry Potter™ Studio events and activities gives you a real life experience of how it would be if you were a wizard studying in Hogwarts., something every Harry Potter fan would love to find out!

Q. Where can I buy tickets to attend Harry Potter™ Studio events?

A. It is recommended that you buy your Harry Potter™ Studio Tour tickets online and in advance to have a hassle-free experience.

Q. Which Harry Potter™ Studio events should I not miss?

A. Hogwarts in the Snow is the most popular event in Harry Potter™ Studios hosted as part of Christmas celebrations. You can participate in the famous Yule Ball, dine at the Great Hall and explore all your favourite sets decorated for Christmas.