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"I came to Hagrid from a distant land, in the pockets of a traveler," said Aragog, the Acromantula, to Harry and Ron. The traveler was Newt Scamander, as we later find out in The Fantastic Beasts series. Indeed fantastic, these creatures originated from the ingenuity of several specialists like Nick Dudman. It takes a special flair to evoke emotions for purely fictional creatures, like Buckbeak, or to instill fear in creatures of myth, such as the Basilisk. Guess what? you can now encounter all these creatures at the Harry Potter™ Studio, London.

Why you shouldn't miss creature effects at the Harry Potter Studio

Harry Potter Creature effects
  • Look for magical creatures in the Forbidden Forest: The Forbidden Forest is a dark place full of mysteries. Keep an eye out for Aragog, Buckbeak, and other creatures you might encounter on your tour. But be careful, you do not want to get into their bad books!
  • Learn about how these creatures were made: On a guided tour, you also get to see and find out interesting facts and techniques that went into bringing these creatures to life.
  • Test whether you are as valiant as Harry: Getting close to these creatures is not for the faint-hearted. Although they are not real, you won't feel so. The effects used to make them look realistic will give you an experience of a lifetime.