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Hampton Court Tickets: Palace and Gardens

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  • With this admission ticket to Hampton Court Palace, you can explore the home of Henry VIII, his wives and children.
  • Collect your free audio guide available at the Information Center and enjoy the palace at your own pace.
  • All of these attractions and exhibitions are included in your Hampton Court Palace admission ticket - The Magic Garden, Great Hall, Henry VIII's Kitchen, Haunted Gallery, Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Gardens, Mantegna Gallery, Privy Garden, Pond Gardens, and much more.
  • Visit the kitchens of Henry VIII, learn the various elements of Tudor cooking and get to know how banquets that catered to thousands of people were prepared.
  • Explore 60 acres of beautiful gardens that run down to the River Thames and its unique attractions such as the National Plants collection, and several floral species.
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule.

Hampton Court Palace is one of the most-visited royal palaces in England and is located in Richmond Upon Thames, London. It was originally meant for the Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who began construction of the magnificent palace. Later, the palace came to be occupied by King Henry VIII and his six wives. Tales and legends, haunted corridors, and architecture that is a pastiche of the different eras of England’s monarchs make Hampton Court Palace a microcosm of England’s history. 


Today, Hampton Court Palace draws millions of visitors each year who wish to walk the steps of Kings and Queens, enjoy a pleasant saunter along the palace gardens, and experience the looming presence of the Tudors. A ‘royal pleasure palace’ owing to the nights of revelry and merrymaking in its halls, Hampton Court Palace was the King’s playground and banquet for parties, events, and a grand court life. Each hall and wing of the palace is unique as you experience the baroque apartments, later commissioned by William of Orange in the 17th-century, with their brooding interiors.


A trip to London is incomplete without visiting Hampton Court Palace. You might want to be careful as the ghost of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife, is said to haunt the corridors of the palace begging for mercy. The rich history of the palace continues to the Elizabethan era with Shakespeare’s plays and on to the publication of King James’ Bible. Through these glimpses into a rich and diverse past, this 500-year palace is a place where worlds meet over time.

Other London Royal Palaces


Kensington Palace

As the home of Queen Victoria and many Royals, including Princess Diana, that have ruled over England, Kensington Palace is another unmissable landmark in England’s history. Presently, Kensington Palace is the royal residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie, and other royals. Visitors can access the State Rooms that are independently managed for public viewing. The palace is home to the Sunken Garden that was a favorite of Princess Diana as she herself planted many of her favorite flavors. 


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the administrative headquarters of the Monarchy and their London residence. Although the royals do not reside at Buckingham Palace save for when the Queen is in town, many State decisions, courtly matters, and events take place at the palace. The Palace is used to entertain influential guests of the Crown of England and it remains a historic site among the citizens to celebrate events that are of national importance. Today, many visitors flock to the palace to catch a glimpse of the Royals, if they’re lucky.  

Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth currently divides her time between Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. The castle lies in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II and many of its fine contents are part of the Royal Collection as are those that are found at other castles. The castle dates back to the 9th-century making it the oldest castle in history and has served as the Royal Residence for 39 rulers. Some of the most important things to see here include State Apartments, St. George’s Chapel, and artwork from the Royal Collection.


Q. What is the Hampton Court famous for?
A. Hampton Court is famous as the home of Henry VIII and a palace that pays homage to the Tudor dynasty.

Q. How much is the entrance fee to Hampton Court?
A. Hampton Court fee are as follows

From 7 January-14 February 2020 (online booking)

Adults: £10.65 and children: £5.35.

Ticket prices are subject to change after 15th February. Gate rates are different from online ticket prices.

Q. Are the gardens at Hampton Court free?
A. Access to Hampton Court Gardens is included in the palace tickets.

Q. Is the Hampton Court maze free to enter?
A. Hampton Court Maze is free with the palace tickets, but you can even purchase standalone tickets for the maze.

Q. Is the Hampton Court Palace within the Oyster Zone?
A. Yes, Hampton Court Palace lies within the Oyster Zone 6.

Q. When is the Hampton Court Flower Show held?
A. The Flower Show will be held from 7-12 July 2020 and it is the largest flower show in the world. The show has gardening inspiration, flowers in full bloom displayed magnificently, markets selling gardening tools, Festival of Roses, and so much more.

Q. How far is Hampton Court from Windsor Castle?
A. The two palaces lie 40-minutes apart by car, 14 miles by road. Visitors can take the official Windsor Castle to Hampton Court Palace shuttle that can be pre-booked.

Q. Can I get to Hampton Court by boat?
A. Yes, there is a public riverboat service that runs in the summer from Westminster, Richmond-upon-Thames, and Kingston. If you have a private boat, you can dock it at Privy Garden and Kingston Bridge.

Q. Can you stay in Hampton Court Palace?
A. Although it is not possible to stay inside the palace, visitors can stay at The Georgian House which served as the Kitchens for George.

Q. Is Hampton Court Palace worth visiting?
A. For history buffs, for visitors and lovers of horticulture, for travelers with a discerning sense of place and time, yes, Hampton Court Palace is a worth a visit, where else will you find access to the lives and times of a 500-year old dynasty?