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Step back in time and journey into the sinister depths of London's past at the London Dungeons. This interactive experience transports you to the murky underbelly of the city's history, where tales of crime, p...

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The London Dungeon is situated in the heart of London, near the South Bank of the River Thames. It's housed in the former County Hall building, which served as the seat of the London County Council until 1986.

Unlike traditional museums, the London Dungeon offers a theatrical and immersive experience. Visitors are guided through a series of live-action shows, special effects, and interactive exhibits that bring to life various gruesome and macabre events from London's history.

The attractions within the London Dungeon cover a wide range of historical themes, including the Great Plague, the Gunpowder Plot, Jack the Ripper, the Great Fire of London, and the torture methods used during the Middle Ages.

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