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Originally started as a gory exhibition of dark events across British history, the London Dungeon was opened in 1974 by former Madame Tussauds worker Annabel Geddes. It began as an exhibition of artifacts or tableaux that revolved around torture and sin. It quickly became every thrill-seeker’s favorite place to go and was extremely popular. This led to Geddes being named head of the London Tourist Board in the 80s. 

Across the 1980s and 90s, several theatrical additions were made including one revolving around serial killer Jack the Ripper. In 1997, the exhibition was changed from a free-flowing walkthrough into a batched one, meaning visitors would enter the attraction and move around it in batches. Many segments and exhibits have been added since then, including the Extremis - Drop ride to Doom, The Great Plague, and Sweeney Todd.

The Dungeon moved to the County Hall in South Bank, London in 2013.

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