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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Guided Tour

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Expert Guide
Free Cancellation
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  • Experience a guided tour/exhibition dedicated to the genius of William Shakespeare. This is a must-see attraction for literary enthusiasts!
  • Check out the exhibition detailing Shakespeare’s life in London, featuring interactive displays and live demonstrations filled with trivia.
  • Don't miss the Elizabethan costumes on display.
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule.

HMS Belfast Admission Tickets

Best Safety
Free Audioguide
Open Dated Ticket
Cancellation Policy
  • Experience life aboard a Royal Navy light cruiser, the last surviving ship of her kind from the days of the Second World War.
  • Explore all 9 decks, from the captain’s cabin and engine rooms to the sailor’s mess deck and operation rooms.
  • Includes an intuitive audio-guide (available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Russian and Spanish).
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, refunded or rescheduled. They are valid on your nominated date, or on any other date during normal opening hours for up to 30 days.

Churchill War Rooms Tour with Audioguide

Best Safety
Free Audioguide
Cancellation Policy
  • Go underground into the secret bunker of Winston Churchill, The Churchill War Rooms, where he plotted Hitler’s downfall.
  • Visit the Cabinet Room, Map Room, Transatlantic Telephone Room among others.
  • With a free audio guide, this tour provides insights into Churchill’s speeches and testimonials by men and women who risked their lives during the war.
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, amended or refunded.

WWII Churchill’s War Rooms & Westminster Walking Tour

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Guided Tour
Mobile Tickets
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Small Group Tour
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  • Travel back to experience war-time London on a fascinating walking tour of Westminster.
  • With an expert guide by your side, you will be able to learn about some of the most important events that took place in historic London.
  • Get perspective on the most controversial leaders of all time, Winston Churchill, as you dive into a pool of history on an audio-guided tour in the Churchill War Rooms.
  • You may cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

Why Visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

If there is any playwright in history who shall always be in the argument for the greatest playwright of all time, it will always be William Shakespeare. His works have been translated into over a hundred languages and almost everyone in the modern world is familiar with at least one of his works. His works, however, were not as appreciated when he was alive and in order to generate the hype, he opened his own theatre called the Globe Theatre. 

The Globe Theatre was built in 1599. Unfortunately it was razed to the ground by an accidental fire in 1613. In 1970, an American director Sam Wanamaker rebuilt the theatre to its original likeness. The theatre was constructed using the materials used during William Shakespeare’s time. The circular structure is made out of wooden bays, the walls are made out of lime plaster and the roof is thatched. Due to its historic link and its traditional construction, The Globe attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Types of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tickets

Globe Theatre Fast Track Tickets

Enjoy Globe Theatre fast track tickets entry into the Globe. Along with the access to the Globe, you will also get a full behind-the-scenes tour guided by an expert, who will tell you more about the Globe and William Shakespeare. The Globe Theatre tour length lasts only 40 minutes and you will get to hear about how life was all the way back in 1599.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tickets

These Globe Theatre tickets allow you to attend a show at the hallowed theatre. Each week there are various performances from some of Shakespeare’s best plays. If you are lucky enough, you will even catch the legendary performance of Romeo and Juliet. 

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tickets 2 for 1

This Globe theatre tour comes with an experienced guide who will tell you untold tales of life at the Globe and how everything used to run in the 17th Century. You will also get to see what the Globe is used for now and watch the experimental theatre experience play out in front of your eyes. 

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Combo Tickets

In this combo ticket, you will not only get access to the Globe theatre tour, but also get access to the London Eye, Tower Bridge Exhibition and more!


Q. Do Shakespeare's Globe Theatre tickets sell out easily?
A. Yes they do, it is better to purchase them online. 

Q. What's included in the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre ticket?
A. You get a 40 minute guided tour as well as a ticket to a performance. 

Q. Should I buy Shakespeare's Globe Theatre tickets in advance?
A. Yes you should. It helps avoid unnecessary crowds and you can save money.  

Q. Is the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre included in the London Pass?
A. Yes it is. You can get to see the Globe Theatre London Pass and other attractions. 

Q. How long should I spend at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?
A. The tour lasts for 40 minutes and that is the ideal time to enjoy the Globe

Q. How long is the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre tickets Tour?
A. It takes 40 minutes to do a full tour. 

Q. How long are the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre queues? 
A. They can take up to a few minutes to reach the gates. 

Q. When was the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre built?
A. The current iteration was built in 1972 and the first version of the globe was inaugurated in 1599. 

Q. Is it free to go to the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?
A. No, you are required to purchase Globe Theatre tickets.