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Take A Close Look At What’s Inside Emirates Stadium Museum

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Ever dreamed of walking in the footsteps of Arsenal legends? The Emirates Stadium Museum lets you do just that!

Explore interactive exhibits, relive unforgettable moments, and marvel at historic jerseys and trophies. From the club's humble beginnings to its triumphs on the global stage, the museum tells the story of Arsenal's rich heritage. Get up close to memorabilia from legendary players and feel the excitement of match days through audio-visual displays. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a curious visitor, the Emirates Stadium Museum promises an unforgettable experience!

Why visit the Emirates Stadium Museum?

visit emirates stadium museum
  • Immerse yourself in Arsenal's history: Walk through time and learn about the club's rich heritage, from its early days to its current position as a Premier League powerhouse. See the trophies they've won, the jerseys worn by legends, and relive iconic moments through interactive exhibits and video highlights.
  • A fan's paradise: For any Gooner, the museum is a treasure trove. See memorabilia donated by club heroes, test your Arsenal knowledge with interactive quizzes, and purchase official merchandise to commemorate your visit.
  • Legendary players: Whether you're a football enthusiast or a history buff, visiting the Emirates Stadium Museum offers a memorable experience where you can walk in the footsteps of legendary players and gain a deeper understanding of Arsenal Football Club's prestigious past.
  • Inspiration and motivation: Whether you're a die-hard Arsenal supporter or a casual football enthusiast, the museum offers inspiration and motivation through its celebration of triumphs, perseverance, and teamwork.

What’s inside Emirates Stadium museum

club history section, emirates stadium museum

Club History Section

Discover Arsenal FC's evolution from its humble beginnings to winning league titles and FA Cup victories. The museum showcases the club's history through rare photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, and significant artifacts, such as Jens Lehmann's gloves, Michael Thomas' boots from Anfield '89, and Charlie George's 1971 FA Cup shirt, many donated by former players.

player tribute area, emirate stadium museum

Player Tribute Area

The Player Tribute Area honors Arsenal's legendary players, featuring engaging biographies and captivating anecdotes about those who shaped the club's history. You can view jerseys worn by these football greats, each garment telling its own story of triumph and glory. This area celebrates the extraordinary talents that have graced Arsenal, appealing to both lifelong fans and newcomers.

trophy cabinet, emirates stadium museum

Trophy Cabinet

The Trophy Cabinet showcases Arsenal's silverware collection, including league titles, FA Cups, and European honors. View the array of prestigious trophies proudly displayed, along with replica trophies that reflect the club's remarkable achievements. Each trophy represents a chapter in Arsenal's storied history of success, from league victories to thrilling cup runs.

Interactive zone, emirates stadium museum

Interactive Zones

The Interactive Zones offer an immersive journey into the world of Arsenal FC. Experience matchday thrill through dynamic simulations and engage with exhibits celebrating the passion of Arsenal fans worldwide. These zones provide insights into the club's vibrant community and feature quizzes and challenges that test knowledge and skills while entertaining and educating visitors.

Memorabilia corner, emirates stadium museum

Memorabilia Corner

The Memorabilia Corner showcases the rich history of Arsenal Football Club through a remarkable collection of artifacts. Visitors can explore match-worn boots, signed footballs, and unique items from the club's past. Notable pieces include Jens Lehmann's gloves from the Invincibles season and Charlie George's FA Cup shirt from 1971, each with its own story. Do not miss this!

audio visual experince, emirates stadium museum

Audio-Visual Experiences

The audio-visual experiences offer a detailed journey through Arsenal's history. Watch documentaries exploring the club's memorable moments and behind-the-scenes stories, providing insights into the team's triumphs and challenges. Relive iconic goals, thrilling matches, and historic triumphs through curated highlight reels that capture the essence of Arsenal's greatness on the pitch.