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Considered the most famous bridge in the world, Tower Bridge is one of London's iconic landmarks built nearly 125 years ago as a solution to the lack of access to the East of London. Today, together with serving its purpose, it is also a major tourist attraction and architectural and engineering marvel that offers stunning views of the entire city. 

What is Inside Tower Bridge?

Tower Bridge Exhibitions

Exhibitions Inside Tower Bridge

In 1982, the walkways were reopened after being closed for almost 72 years, as part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition. You will find a display in the bridge's twin towers, the high-level walkways and the Victorian engine rooms that aims to educate people about the history of the Tower Bridge. Films, photos and interactive displays, as well as a trip down memory lane through the room that houses the original steam engines that once powered the bridge bascules awaits visitors inside the Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge North Tower

North Tower

The North Tower of the Tower Bridge can be accessed by the grand Victorian staircase or the fully accessible lift, boasting the old-world charm of the 19th century. Here, visitors get to explore the immersive history of the Tower Bridge, everything from its fine design, construction, and maintenance to the place it held in former times and today. The North Tower also has a North Tower Lounge, a beautifully decorated, intimate space that is open to hosting weddings, dinners, and receptions or civil ceremonies. This striking room has original floor-to-ceiling windows, iconic and original architecture and shows off exhilarating views of Tower Bridge and the River Thames.

Tower Bridge Views


The high-level Walkway of Tower Bridge awaits an experience of a lifetime. Visitors get to live the moments of walking over the spectacular Glass Floor situated here. This permanent structure offers an unmatched birds-eye view of London life, from 42 meters above the River Thames, and 33.5 meters above road level. Intimating as it sounds, don't worry the Glass Floor can hold the weight of four London black cabs and has a non-slip surface. If looking down scares you, enjoy the panoramic views of St Paul's Cathedral, the BT Tower, The Monument and other iconic London attractions instead.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Lives of a Landmark

In 2020, the Tower Bridge exhibition launched a new campaign called 'Lives of a Landmark' to document the stories of the people working behind the scenes here. At this exhibition, inside Tower Bridge's Engine Room, many of today's staff engineers and visitors will help you connect with the people that made the Tower Bridge the iconic landmark that it is today. Visitors who are inspired by or connect with and have fond memories with the Tower Bridge can also send in their stories video or image submissions and this will be displayed in real-time at the tower.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

South Tower

You cross the high-level walkway to reach the South Tower of Tower Bridge. Nestled underneath this tower is its main attraction, the Engine Rooms. Once the heart of this structure, the Engine Room houses Victorian steam engines, coal-fired boilers, drivetrains, and accumulators. Check out the interactive displays and information panels to learn about the power of steam and the out-of-the-box hydraulic technology that lifted Tower Bridge's 1,000-tonne bascules till the 1970s. Visitors can also enjoy films on the people who worked there and its history too.

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Visitor Tips

  • Try to visit the bridge when it is being raised, so you can catch a view through the Glass Door.
  • There are access guides for the exhibition and a map of the tower. Unfortunately, there are no descriptive tours or audio guides available
  • Plan ahead by booking online tickets to the Tower Bridge in advance to avoid crowds and guarantee entry time.
  • Access to the exhibition is included in the standard price of admission. Joint tickets are also available to help you save a few extra bucks.
  • To learn more about this spot, download the free Tower Bridge app.

All Your Questions About Tower Bridge Exhibition Answered

Q. Where do you find the exhibition at Tower Bridge?

A. The exhibition is held inside the Tower Bridge. On the North Tower, you will find an exhibition about the Tower Bridge and the people behind it, and on the South Tower you will find the Engine Rooms, plaques commemorating the people who worked at Tower Bridge and even the 'Live of a Landmark' exhibition.

Q. What is the exhibition inside Tower Bridge about?

A. The Tower Bridge exhibition is about celebrating the history and the people behind this iconic structure.

Q. Do I need separate tickets to view the exhibition inside Tower Bridge?

A. No, access to the exhibitions at Tower Bridge is covered by your entry tickets to Tower Bridge. You can buy Tower Bridge tickets here.

Q. What can I see at the North Tower?

A. Apart from the grand Victorian staircase you would use to make your way to the top, you will find interactive displays that provide information about the fascinating history of Tower Bridge.

Q. What can I see at the glass walkways?

A. At the glass walkway you will get to experience the Glass Floor and see right through directly down onto the bridge, and the River Thames. The Glass Walkways also offers panoramic views of famous London landmarks, like St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Monument, and St. Katharine’s Docks.

Q. What exhibitions are held at the South Tower of Tower Bridge?

A. The Lives of a Landmark, the popular Tower Bridge Exhibition is held at the South Tower of Tower Bridge. You can also view the Engine Room, which were once the backbone of the bridge here.

Q. Are there guides for those who are visually impaired at the Tower Bridge?

A. Visually impaired visitors can make use of the Braille and high contrast booklets, available at the Ticket Office and Engine Room entrances.

Q. Is the Tower Bridge wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, Tower Bridge is fully accessible. There is lift that will take visitors to all levels in the Towers and Engine Rooms. Accessible toilets are also available inside.

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