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Fast-Track Your London Eye Experience with Fast Track Tickets


Experience the London Eye like never before with Fast Track Tickets. Bypass the queues and dive into an extraordinary adventure high above the cityscape. Elevate your visit and make the most of every moment.

London Eye fast track ticket: What’s included?

Know before you go
Cancellation policy
  • Catch the London Eye during sunset for breathtaking city views.
  • The attraction is wheelchair accessible for all to enjoy.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by adults.
  • Permitted items include briefcases, laptops, baby bags, foldable buggies, and drinking water.
  • Prohibited items include large bags, sharp objects, and anything that may pose a security risk.
  • Get London Eye fast-track entry
  • Access to the Eye Lounge
  • London Eye 4D Cinema Experience
  • 360-degree panoramic views of the City of London


  • Hotel transfers
  • Food and drinks

You can cancel your tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and receive a full refund.

Highlights at London Eye

360-degree rotation

The London Eye's rotation takes about 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to soak in the views from all angles.

Interactive experience

Each capsule is equipped with touchscreens that provide information about the landmarks you can see.

Private capsules

If you want a more exclusive experience, you can book a private capsule for your group.

Music legends

Pay homage to your musical idols and get a selfie with them.

Visitor tips

  • Time Travel Capsule: Book a private capsule and request a historical guide. They'll narrate the city's evolution as you see landmarks, bringing the past to life.
  • Hidden Gems Tour: After your ride, embark on a self-guided walk using the Eye's app. Discover lesser-known historical sites near the landmarks you saw from above.
  • Golden Hour Magic: Book tickets for the hour before sunset (or after sunrise) to capture the city bathed in warm light. Use the provided tripod mount for stunning stabilized shots.
  • Secret Angles Workshop: Sign up for a photography workshop led by a pro. Learn insider tips on capturing unique perspectives from the capsules.
  • Champagne Capsule: Surprise your loved one with a private capsule complete with champagne, chocolates, and personalized music. Enjoy the breathtaking views and each other's company.
  • Sunset Proposal: Time your ride for the perfect sunset, then pop the question with the iconic London skyline as your backdrop. Unforgettable!

Frequently asked questions about London Eye fast track tickets

How do I purchase London Eye Fast Track Tickets?

You can easily purchase London Eye Fast Track Tickets online. Simply select your preferred date and time slot, complete the payment process, and you're all set to skip the queues and enjoy a seamless experience.

Can I cancel my London Eye Fast Track Tickets?

Yes, you can cancel your Fast Track Tickets up to 24 hours before your scheduled experience and receive a full refund. Simply contact us or the authorized ticketing platform through which you made your purchase, and we'll assist you with the cancellation process.

Is the London Eye wheelchair accessible?

Absolutely! The London Eye is fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all guests, regardless of mobility, can enjoy this remarkable attraction. Our staff is dedicated to providing assistance and ensuring a comfortable experience for all visitors.

Are there any age restrictions for visiting the London Eye?

While there are no specific age restrictions, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults during their visit to the London Eye. Families can enjoy this unforgettable experience together, creating lasting memories high above the city.

Can I bring food and drinks on board the London Eye?

We kindly ask that guests refrain from bringing food and drinks onto the London Eye capsules. However, drinking water is permitted onboard for your convenience. You can also indulge in refreshments at the Eye Lounge before or after your ride.

What items are prohibited on the London Eye?

For the safety and security of all guests, large bags, sharp objects, and items that may pose a security risk are strictly prohibited on the London Eye. Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

What are the best times to visit the London Eye for optimal views?

For breathtaking views and stunning photo opportunities, consider visiting the London Eye during sunset. Watch as the city is bathed in golden hues, creating a magical atmosphere high above the skyline. Additionally, early morning visits offer a tranquil experience with fewer crowds.