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King Charles III’s Coronation Medal


King Charles III of the United Kingdom is set to have his coronation ceremony in June 2023, and with it, comes the creation of a new coronation medal. The coronation medal is a traditional way of commemorating such an occasion, and it has been a part of British royal history for centuries. 

The History of Coronation Medals

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The history of coronation medals in the United Kingdom dates back to the early 16th century when Henry VIII had medals struck to commemorate his own coronation in 1509. Since then, coronation medals have been issued for every British monarch, with the exception of Edward VIII, who abdicated before his coronation.

Coronation medals typically feature the effigy, or portrait, of the monarch on the obverse side, along with the date of the coronation. The reverse side of the medal often includes a design that symbolizes the occasion, such as the crown, the coronation chair, or other royal emblems.

What to Expect from King Charles III's Coronation Medal

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The Obverse Side: King Charles III's Portrait

When it comes to coronation medals, the obverse side traditionally features the portrait of the new monarch. It is expected that King Charles III's portrait will be based on an official photograph or portrait and may even be designed by a well-known artist. This portrait will serve as a significant aspect of the coronation medal, as it represents the new king's reign and serves as a reminder of the event.

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The Reverse Side: Symbolic Design

The reverse side of the coronation medal will likely feature a design that symbolizes the coronation ceremony. There are many possibilities, but some of the most popular designs include the St. Edward's Crown or the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey. The design will be carefully chosen to represent the importance and significance of the event, and it will serve as a visual reminder of the coronation for years to come.

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Material and Decoration

Coronation medals are typically made from precious metals such as gold or silver. These materials are used to create a lasting and valuable souvenir of the coronation ceremony. In addition, enamel or other decorative elements may be added to the medal to enhance its visual appeal. The level of decoration may vary based on the medal's size, with larger sizes typically having more ornate designs. The medal may be issued in different sizes, with larger sizes reserved for high-ranking officials and dignitaries. These variations help to make the coronation medal a unique and valuable collector's item.

Significance of the King Charles Coronation Medal

The King Charles coronation medal will be a significant piece of memorabilia for anyone who wants to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. The medal will serve as a tangible reminder of this historic event and will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come. The medal will also be a collector's item, with many people wanting to add it to their collections of royal memorabilia.

Availability and Price of the King Charles Coronation Medal

It is expected that the medal will be available for purchase in the months leading up to the coronation. The medal will likely be available from a range of outlets, including the Royal Mint and other official retailers. The price of the medal is expected to be priced similarly to other coronation medals, which typically range from £10 to £100, depending on the material and design.

Collecting Coronation Medals

Coronation medals are highly sought after by collectors, and they can be valuable depending on their rarity and condition. Some of the most valuable coronation medals include those from the early 16th century, as well as those from the reign of Queen Victoria, who had a long and popular reign.

Other Coronation Memorabilia

In addition to the coronation medal, there will be a range of other memorabilia available to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. These memorabilia will include everything from commemorative coins and stamps to mugs and other souvenirs. These items can prove to be valuable and can provide a unique glimpse into British royal history.

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Commemorative Coins

Special coins featuring King Charles III and the coronation may be issued as collectibles.

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The Royal Mail may issue commemorative stamps to mark the coronation of King Charles III.

UK souvenirs keychains


A variety of souvenirs, such as mugs, keychains, and t-shirts, may be sold to mark the occasion.

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In addition to coins and stamps, other collectibles, such as programs, invitations, and plates, may also be available.