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All your Windsor Castle guided tour options

Windsor Castle Guided Tour with Afternoon Tea from London
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6 hr.
Audio Guide
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Full-Day Tour of Royal London & Windsor
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9 hr. 30 min.
Guided Tour
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From London: Windsor Castle, Bath & Stonehenge Guided Tour with Optional Entry
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11 hr. - 11 hr. 30 min.
Guided Tour
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Windsor Castle, Oxford & Stonehenge Tour from London
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11 hr.
Guided Tour
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From London: Stonehenge Inner Circle Access & Windsor Day Trip
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11 hr.
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Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Bath Guided Tour with Access to Roman Bath
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11 hr.
Guided Tour
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The 1000-year-old Windsor Castle has been the residence of many British monarchs, including the late Queen Elizabeth II. It has witnessed different eras of the monarchy and continues to be an important castle where many royal events occur. Built in the 11th century by William I, Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied palace. 

On your visit to the UK, explore the aging castle and all the collections inside. Get to know the different Windsor Castle guided tours you can choose from.

Why take a Windsor Castle guided tour?

Windsor Castle Guided Tour

Windsor Castle guided tours vs non-guided tours

windsor castle

Guided tours

  • Choosing a guided tour gives you skip-the-line access to Windsor Castle, saving time and effort.
  • Expert guides will tell you all about the history of Windsor Castle and some interesting facts about the royals.
  • There is a lot to explore at Windsor Castle. You can make the most of your visit on a well-planned itinerary with a guided tour.
  • Guided tours are conducted in small groups, making your experience at Windsor Castle informative and wholesome.
windsor castle

Non-guided tours

  • Windsor Castle is among the most popular attractions in London. The queues are huge for entry tickets if you don't book them well in advance.
  • The castle is spread over acres of land. There is a lot to see. You need a guide to see everything on your visit.
  • Visiting Windsor Castle without knowing about its history can be a boring experience.
  • Audio guides are available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

What to expect on a Windsor Castle guided tour?

There is a lot of history at Windsor Castle, which is spread across 10.5 acres of land. Windsor Castle guided tours start with State Apartments, where the royal family hosts Heads of State from different countries. It has beautiful decor on walls, staircases, entrances, and many paintings. From here, you will visit the St. George's Chapel, where many royal weddings and burials have taken place.

The Semi-State Rooms are next, famous for its Green Drawing Room commissioned by King George IV. The Round Tower is another highlight inside Windsor Castle that should not be missed. Once you climb 220 steps and reach the top, take in the breathtaking view of the castle. However, if you have any medical condition or are afraid of heights, it is advised that you avoid climbing the Round Tower.

Other must-see highlights of Windsor Castle are Queen Mary's Dolls' House, Waterloo Chamber, and China Museum. Plan your visit on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday to watch the ceremony of Changing of Guards from 11am. Your guide will tell you interesting facts about this 1000-year-old castle where you can learn more about the interesting lives of the royal family.

Highlights covered on your Windsor Castle guided tour

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - State Apartments

State Apartments

The royal family still uses the State Apartments inside Windsor Castle to host leaders from other countries. It is also used to honor British people for their outstanding achievements. The State Apartments are known for their décor, especially the walls, ceilings, and grand entrances. While it was significantly destroyed in the fire of 1992, renovations have restored the State Apartments' former glory.

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - St. George's Chapel

St. George's Chapel

This castle chapel was founded by King Edward III in 1348 and has hosted many royal ceremonies. St. George's Chapel is located within the castle grounds where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding took place. St. George's Chapel has been the venue of many royal weddings and the final resting place for many royal family members. The chapel is built in perpendicular Gothic architecture, just like Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - Round Tower

Round Tower

This tower was originally used to keep an eye on Windsor Castle and protect it from attacks. The walls are built so that if anyone tries to climb the tower, the sharp edges of the rock will wound the invaders. The Round Tower offers a spectacular view of the iconic Windsor Castle. It has about 220 steps, taking about 45-50 minutes to climb. The climb is not recommended for people with medical conditions and a fear of heights.

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - Changing the Guard

Changing of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard is an interesting ceremony at every monarch's official residence. Windsor Castle was Queen Elizabeth II's primary residence and is also among the three official residences of King Charles III. In the ceremony, the guard on duty passes the responsibility of protecting the monarch to the succeeding guard. At Windsor Castle, this event occurs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11am.

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - The Semi-State Rooms

Semi-State Rooms

Created by King George IV, the Semi-State Rooms were used by Queen Elizabeth II to entertain officials on their visits. The rooms have a special Green Drawing Room commissioned by King George IV. It has elaborate decorations from the early centuries and furniture from Morel & Seddon, the royal family's official furniture suppliers. The fire of 1992 had also damaged parts of the Semi-State Rooms, but it has been renovated.

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - Queen Mary's Dolls' House

Queen Mary's Dolls' House

One of the best attractions at Windsor Castle is Queen Mary's Dolls' House, the largest dollhouse in the world. Queen Mary was the queen consort of King George V. Built by Sir Edwin Lutyens, a renowned British architect, the dollhouse is a mini version of the elaborate daily life of the royals. It has different rooms, including the chambers of the staff, the dining room, and the kitchen. It also has electricity, running water, elevators, and paintings inside the royal residence.

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - Waterloo Chamber

Waterloo Chamber

Honoring the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo, the Waterloo Chamber was commissioned by King George IV. It has paintings of all major British and international contributors during the Battle of Waterloo that led to the fall of the French Emperor. Queen Elizabeth II used the Waterloo Chamber for the Garter Luncheon. As the Waterloo Chamber is on the main visitor route, it is open almost throughout the year to the public.

Windsor Castle Guided Tour - China Museum

China Museum

At the China Museum, you can see exquisite china or porcelain pieces from the royal collection. It also features unique Chinese and Japanese pieces from the 17th century. Queen Mary displayed her china collection often, some of which you can find here. There are also some pieces on display used by the royal family on special occasions. You can also buy replicas of the royal china right outside the China Museum.

Visitor tips

  • Windsor Castle is spread across 10.5 acres. There are many attractions to see, so dedicate a whole day to your visit.
  • Book your tickets online and well in advance. Windsor Castle is always crowded as it is among the popular attractions in London.
  • Get skip-the-line guided tours. You will learn a lot about the history of the castle and many interesting facts about the royals.
  • Visit the newly opened Undercroft Café for food and beverages on your visit. Take a break from exploring the castle and refresh here.
  • Windsor Castle is open for public visits only through specific months. Check the schedule on the official website before planning your visit.
  • To save time and money, travel via bus or train. Take a train to Windsor Central Station or a bus to the Barclays Bank, Windsor Town Centre.

Frequently asked questions about Windsor Castle guided tours

Q. What are the different types of Windsor Castle tours?

A. The different types of Windsor Castle tours are Entrance Tickets with Multimedia Guides, Half Day Tour, Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge Tour, and guided tours to various attractions around the castle.

Q. How much does a Windsor Castle tour cost?

A. There are many Windsor Castle tours available that you can choose from. A standard entry ticket with an audio guide is €35.08 but tours with professional guides cost more. However, opting for a guided tour will help you understand the 1000-year history of the castle and explore the most notable attractions. It also gives you skip-the-line entry and access to restricted rooms.

Q. What is included in a Windsor Castle tour?

A. Windsor Castle tours include entry to State Apartments, St. George's Chapel, Semi-State Rooms, China Museum, a multilingual multimedia guide, an experienced tour guide, and access to other attractions depending on the tour you choose.

Q. In what languages are the Windsor Castle tours?

A. The Windsor Castle tours are available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.

Q. How many people can go on a Windsor Castle tour?

A. There is no limit as such. However, most Windsor Castle tours include about 25 people per group.

Q. Can I cancel a booked Windsor Castle tour?

A. You can cancel a booked Windsor Castle Tour and get a full refund only up to 48 hours before the date of your visit.

Q. How long is the Windsor Castle tour?

A. There are different durations for different Windsor Castle Tours. It can be half-day or last for 5 hours. You should spend at least 2 hours at Windsor Castle to explore it.

Q. Are there any discounted tickets for Windsor Castle tours?

A. Special discounts are available for families, senior citizens, students, and children from 3 to 16 years old. Entry is free for children below three years.