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What's Inside The Tower Of London - A Quick Glimpse

Inside the Tower of London - What To See

The Tower of London is spread across 18 acres with many interesting aspects to it. What began as just the White Tower in 1078, eventually became a sprawling castle with multiple additions and expansions over 900 long years. In the 1190s, the Inner Ward was added and almost a century later, in 1285, the castle was rebuilt. Finally, during the period from 1377 to 1399, work on the Wharf expansion was done. If you're visiting the Tower of London, you need to be aware of its many areas and buildings. Here's a handy list:


The Jewel House: Home of the Crown Jewels

 Without a doubt the highlight of the Tower of London, the Jewel House boasts a stunning collection of 23, 578 gemstones that constitute the Crown Jewels. The jewels are placed under armed guard in the Jewel House and showcase a unique collection of royal regalia that are still used by The Queen for national ceremonies. Jewels presently in use are marked with an 'in use' sign. The legendary Koh-i-Nur diamond is also placed in the Jewel House.


Line of Kings Exhibition

A fascinating exhibition showcasing the tournament armor worn by Henry VIII and the gilded armor of Charles I and James II, the Line of King is a must-visit. Located in the White Tower, the exhibition also houses other rare and masterfully crafted pieces made for both noblemen and common soldiers. Your time exploring the exhibit will be mighty insightful as you have the opportunity of getting a close look at age-old craftsmanship.


Explore The White Tower

Another major highlight of the Tower of London is the White Tower. Arguably the most famous and recognisable castle in the world, the tower was initially built to both awe and terrify Londoners. The interior features a Romanesque chapel which is dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. The White Tower is also home to the Royal Armories collection, along with other arms and treasures.


Take a Yeoman Warder Guided Tour

 Beefeaters, also known as Yeoman Warder, are ceremonial guards that have been tasked with protecting the Tower of London since time immemorial. There's nothing quite like the experience of getting to tour the Tower of London with the warm, engaging and funny ceremonial guards who have a lot of interesting facts to share. This guided tour is completely free of cost, making it even more lucrative.


Meet the Ravens

Known as the guardians of the Tower, the ravens form an important part of Tower's lore and mythology. The legend says that there must be six ravens present at the Tower at all times or the kingdom will fall. Presently, there are 7 ravens in the Tower, the required 6 plus one spare! The current ravens are named Jubilee, Gripp, Harris, Erin, Rocky, Merlina and Poppy.


The Royal Beasts

An often-forgotten aspect of the Tower of London is that for more than 600 years, the Tower houses a Royal Menagerie or zoo. This zoo, at its prime, was home to many exotic animals including elephants, kangaroos, polar bears, alligators, lions, tigers and many others. While the zoo is no longer a part of the Tower, an exhibit has been set up to allow you to experience the sights and sounds of the animals through innovative interactive displays.


The Royal Mint Museum

Discover the story of the mint between 1279 and 1812 when it was based at the Tower of London with the permanent exhibition; The Tower's Mint: Coins and Kings. Enjoy watching rare and unmissable objects from the Royal Mint Museum's collection. Through the exhibition, you'll also get to learn about some famous monarchs who ruled over the mint and follow their power struggles and politics as denoted by their coins.


Medieval Palace

The luxurious lodgings of Henry III and his son Edward I, the Medieval Palace is a visual treat. The two kings who lived at the palace are often credited with giving the tower its current appearance. The Medieval Palace is not a singular building but comprises St. Thomas's Tower, the Lanthorn Tower and the Wakefield Tower. Marvel at the beautiful interiors on display at the towers that were used by medieval kings and queens.


Bloody Tower

While there's a lot of positive history associated with the Tower of London, it has an infamous side too; the dreaded prison where inhabitants were tortured and imprisoned. The intriguing history associated with the prison has given it the name 'Bloody Tower'. The primary story associated with the Bloody Tower is the presumed murder of 12-year-old Edward V and his younger brother Richard, in 1483. Despite the negativity associated with it, the prison put the tower in most people's radar, partly responsible for its popularity.


Tower Green

The Tower of London also hosted execution inside the tower. This was a privilege reserved for high ranking individuals or those who were popular with the public. In total, 10 people were beheaded on Tower Green, which is located to the west of the White Tower. Today, at the site of the executions on Tower Green, a memorial sculpture dedicated to those who were killed on the order of the state. While somber, the tour still makes for an interesting and insightful experience into the politics that was involved with the crown.

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